Knives are too easy to get

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We've all got potentially lethal weapons in our kitchen drawers. Unlike guns, a knife can be picked up easily. The kids that carry knives tend to choose small, everyday kitchen knives. Even if a shopkeeper refuses to sell a knife to a child, they can be picked up easily on the internet, at a market stall or taken from home.

Did the knife amnesty work?

Thousands of knives were handed in during last year's amnesty, but because knives are so easy to get, the situation doesn't seem to have got much better. The government says it is determined to stamp out gun and knife crime and has raised the legal age you can buy a knife from 16 to 18 years.

Body armour for your kids

It may be taking things a little too far, but you can now have your child's school blazer lined with Kevlar body armour.

The firm responsible, BladeRunner, already make stab-proof hooded tops for £65, so anxious parents have been sending off their children's uniform to get the same treatment. They also make a school jacket with a tracking device in it, £250. More info from: Tel: 07778 157 112

Start your own campaign

Want to get knives off our streets? Maybe together you can make a difference.
If you and other parents are concerned, drum up local support. Talk to your local paper, put flyers up in local schools and get backing from the police. Barbara Dunne set up Mothers Against Knives after her son, Robert was stabbed to death with a Samurai sword in Middlesborough in 2003. Find out more at
Fight knife crimes by joining a petition for tougher sentencing on knife crime at

Toys that kill

Of course, it's not just knives we have to worry about. Gun crime is rising rapidly amongst youngsters in the UK too.
In the past 12 months there have been nearly 10,000 incidents involving firearms in England and Wales, and 97 gun-related murders. Government figures show that gun crime rose by 35% last year. Replica guns may look like toys, but can be dangerous too. Join the Mothers Against Guns campaign to demand a ban on replica guns. Go to

Tell us what you think?

Does knife and gun crime terrify you, have you or your children been a victim of it? Click on CHAT and share your experiences.

Need more help? - join their petition for tougher sentencing for knife crime.

Carrying a Knife, It's Not a Game - Metropolitan Police campaign against knife crime. Watch their excellent film at for more advice on keeping your kids safe

Crimestoppers, a charity to help stop crime. You can ring anonymously on 0800 555 111 to report a crime or visit for more information

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London Against Guns and Knife Crime,

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