It's not fair, all my mates are doing it!

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Peer pressure can make your child want to act much older than they feel. Their friends may be putting pressure on them to swear, smoke or drink. Tell them that you'd be disappointed in them if you found out that they had done something you disapprove of. Talk about your values and explain why you believe in them.

Getting in with the 'wrong crowd'

Once they reach secondary school and start to socialise more, the chances of your child being exposed to temptations increase. They'll probably come across kids who will try to 'lead them astray' and who will make misbehaving look cool. Talk to them about the dangers of alcohol, smoking and drugs (see more on these subjects on this site). Ask them how they would deal with a situation that they didn't feel comfortable with, if they were offered a cigarette or alcohol or drugs, for example. Talk through ways that they can handle it.

Try some acting together

It may sound daft but role-play acting is a great way for your child to think through ways of dealing with unwanted attention from their peers. Talk to your child about what situations worry them and tell them what worries you. Then, you start the role-play by pretending to be a bully or another kid offering them alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Or pretend to be someone threatening your child with a knife. Let your child act out how they would respond. Role-play will help them make their own decisions on what they should do, rather than of you just lecturing them.

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Need more help? a charity that can help your child to cope with bullying and abuse 020 7730 3300
Parentline plus Helpline 0808 800 2222
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Talk to Frank help for youngsters on drugs and alcohol 0800 776600

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