7 ways to teach kids big stuff (continued)

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4. Handle money

Get them used to adding and subtracting money with Orchard Toys' Pop to the Shops game, £8. Go round the board buying the items on your card while selling items from your own shop to other 'customers'. Go to or call 01953 859520.

5. The bigger picture

Sit outside on a clear night and look at the stars. They'll think it's a right treat and you can talk about life, the universe - it helps them understand how big the universe is, how small they are within it, but that they're still part of it. It's a good way to start them thinking about 'green' issues, too.

You could bring the stars inside with their own planetarium show with the Sky Theatre 2, £29.99, from (01200 447 192).

6. Life and death

Growing a plant will teach them all sorts: that they need to nurture living things to make them flourish and also that living things die. Get a little kit like Paint & Plant, £5.99, from Letterbox (0870 600 7878; or just grab a pack of sunflower seeds and get growing.

7. Be safe online

Go out to your high street and look at the shops. Chat about which ones you like the look of, which ones you don't and why. Look at the layout of the high street and discuss what some of the people you see might be like. Now go home and go online and click through some websites.

Compare the high street outside to the high street online. Explain how there are people online you wouldn't want to talk to and 'dangerous places' you wouldn't want to go. You just can't see them, so you need to be extra careful.

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People are obsessed with being safe online, so much so to the exclusion of teaching safety in the physical world. However intermediating the internet might be to adults, to children it doesn't even register on the scale of other issues discussed in this article.

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