Not getting enough homework?

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If your child seems to do their homework extremely quickly or keeps telling you they 'don't have any' it's worth investigating further.

1. Very few schools give no homework at all, but the amount can vary a lot. So check their policy before assuming your child is lying!

2. It could be that they do get homework but not the sort you're expecting. Primary school homework doesn't always involve writing anything down or learning anything. They may have been asked to find information about a certain topic, make something or even do an experiment! Make sure you keep on top of this by checking their book bag every night. Important letters explaining homework tasks can easily go astray.

3. Perhaps they really do find her homework too easy, or maybe they are just rushing it so they can watch TV. Tell their teacher how quickly your child completes their tasks. Children who are particularly bright sometimes need extra work to stretch them a bit further, maybe that's what your child needs. But if they are just hurrying it, encourage them to slow down and do it carefully - and make sure you check it when they have finished.

4. Are you expecting too much? Primary school children are usually very tired at the end of the day and need time to relax. Giving them more homework than they can manage won't make them do any better. In fact, it's more likely to put them off learning for good, which is the last thing you want, isn't it?

Don't forget to read!

Reading your child a bedtime story can really help them do well at school, say experts. Next year is the 2008 National Year of Reading and parents are being encouraged to read with their children for ten minutes every night. For more information go to

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