Your hospital bag checklist: Everything you'll need for before and after birth!

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Hospital bag checklist
If you're pregnant and expecting your little one quite soon, then your hospital bag will be just one of the many jobs to get done before the big arrival date.

The one thing no-one can plan for is how long they're going to spend in hospital when they give birth. So making sure you have everything you need, plus a few home comforts, can make a huge difference to the whole experience. After all, you don't want to be in your hospital room before you realise you forgot to pack those all-important comfy pjs you've been saving!

Your hospital bag doesn't have to be the size of a suitcase, but it's crucial that you feel happy and comfortable when you're in labour and that means having all your necessities there (plus a few extras you may not have thought of!).

Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag can start to feel a little overwhelming (no, you probably don't need your straighteners... ) which is why we've compiled an easy to use hospital bag checklist. You can download and print off your own copy, so you can keep it with you while you shop for items too. All you need to do is tick off the items as you pack them!

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When to pack your hospital bag

It's a good idea to pack two hospital bags, one for labour and one for your stay afterwards. Try to get your hospital bags ready well in advance, about two to three weeks before your due date, just in case you go into labour early. Snacks, drinks and magazines will all prove useful. Make sure your partner remembers to pack his own bag too! You won't be too happy if he starts borrowing your toothbrush and extra clothes...

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Is there anything else you'll be adding to your hospital bag checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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Straight afer we had our second or third babies, a whole group of us put a list together including what we would ideally have packed in our hospital bag - it's here - I know a lot of people who have used it and liked it. I'm sure it could be added to more as everyone's different in terms of what they want but it's definitely a good start point!

Elvira Donovan

When I was expecting my baby I had a bit of a panic about packing my hospital bag. So after the birth of my daughter I started up a website specializing in selling of maternity hospital bag essentials to help mums get their hospital bag ready stress free.

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