Are you bored being Mum?

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Nobody likes to admit it, but life with young children can be very dull. If you know exactly what we're talking about, read on!

Be honest

Your child may love toddler group and that's hardly surprising. After all, it's exclusively designed for their age - not yours. While they are having the time of their life, you're drinking tea, eating too many biscuits and thinking of all the things you've got to do when you get home.

Guess what? Many mums sitting with you are thinking exactly the same but are too afraid to say so. We bet if you admit to hating The Wheels on the Bus (especially when you have to do the actions too) they'll all laugh in agreement. If you're honest, there's a good chance they'll be honest too, and you'll all feel much better for it.

Be organised

Now you've found a few like-minded mums why not pool your resources. Take turns having playmates round on a regular basis. It's good for your child to learn to socialise and share in their own home and it means you will get a free morning or afternoon in return.

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Top tip: When playing at home find an activity you enjoy too. Whether it's dancing around the living room or colouring in with felt pens, it doesn't matter. If you're having fun, your child will too.

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im a 20 year old single mum with a 2 an ahalf year old daughter. i often feel down and dislike myself some times i take 4 hours just to get out the house. people say i should spend money on myself. but they dont understand that the child always comes first.i feel like the only person not doing anything for themselves. i despratley want to go back to work. but im still waiting for a nursery placement. i hate being on benefit and not being able to do some things people my age do. this problem is so bad that i cant sleep and i often have days when i dont want to go out and just cry. getting back into work is not as asy as people make out. i just want to love myself again have self worth and give my daughter a better life.

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