So you can't breastfeed? Part 2

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Babies so you can't breastfeed

How to bottle-feed

1.Choose a formula milk and stick to it
Most of them are made from cow's milk although some are soya based and may be better for babies with allergies. Don't keep changing brands unless your baby seems really unhappy with the one you're using.

2. Buy a steriliser and at least four bottles
Bottles, brushes and teats all need to be sterilised after use but you don't need the most expensive steriliser in the shop. A steam or microwave steriliser takes around 10 minutes, but old fashioned sterilising tablets only take 30 minutes. This isn't very long and it's much cheaper, so buy which ever you can afford. The same applies to bottles. Whichever style you chose make sure you have at least four so you don't run out!

3. Get into a routine
Your baby will help you to do this! Make time each morning to clean the bottles and boil water for the milk. Many mums prepare the day's bottles in advance and keep them in the fridge. This used to be considered perfectly safe, but it's now thought that using milk which has been stored for hours may increase your baby's chance of illness. Instead, it's probably better to store your boiled water in a sealed flask and use it to make up fresh bottles throughout the day. Go to for step-by-step advice with pictures or read the instructions on the formula tin.

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