Anti-bullying campaign backed by celebs

Celebrities and sports stars have joined together for video website youtube to help beat the bullies
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The video website youtube has launched a special 'Beatbullying' page to mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week in the UK. People can put videos and messages of support for anyone who is being bullied on the site.

Famous sports people, singers and actors, including last years X-factor winner Leona Lewis and Coronation Street's Kym Ryder, are supporting an online campaign to stop bullying. They have joined together in a series of specially made videos to show their support, and give advice.

Strictly Come Dancing star Penny Lancaster and Kym Ryder were both bullied. They share their stories in the videos. Penny says, 'most of the time I wanted to keep it to myself because I was embarrassed about it. I was different just because I was tall. My Mum said don't feel that you're the victim, you're not to blame.' Kym adds, 'there is help out there, you just need to ask.'

Last week the government announced they were giving £3 million to help beat bullying through a number of different schemes like this one.

It follows a big rise in cyberbullying - which is when people bully each other using email, mobile phones or websites. The video claims that 20 people this year will kill themselves because of bullying.

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