What's your teen up to?

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It's natural for kids to go wild at weekends and for the older ones, it's a classic time to overindulge. If it's booze they're having too much of, it can lead to trying smoking, drugs or even sex for the first time. So, talk to them now before they hit those parties.

The facts

  • 40% of sexually active 13-14 year olds were drunk or stoned when they first had sex.
  • In a recent survey by the charity, Parentline Plus, 20% of men and 13% of women aged 15-19 said alcohol was the main reason they'd had sex for the first time.
  • Around 36 per cent of teenagers in Britain have tried illegal drugs like cannabis or ecstasy.
  • NHS statistics show that one-fifth of secondary school pupils admit to regular drinking.
  • Every day 15 children under the age of 16 are admitted to A&E because of alcohol abuse.
  • 11-13 year-olds who drink regularly have more than 10 units of alcohol a week, compared to six in 2001.
  • Older teenagers who drink regularly have an average of 11.4 units a week, that's about five and a half-pints. Half of those are binge drinking at least two days a week.

Read on for tips and hints on how to talk to your teens about drinking, drugs and underage sex.

Worried about your teen? Here's how to talk to them and find out useful teen helplines you can call.

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rachel has got a 2 yr old bby which she had when she was just 14 but the father left her and is struggling to care for her bby and is scared in case the social services take her child she is also short of money and often goes to her mam for money but her mam carnt affored to keep giving it she is considiring selling her house

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