Ovulation facts 6: How long do the sperm & egg live?

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sperm meeting egg

An egg lives for about 12-24 hours after you ovulate, and sperm can live for five to seven days. Ideally, you need a lot of sperm on stand-by to pounce on that egg when it's released, so have sex in the days leading up to when you ovulate and a day after. You only release the one egg, but a single ejaculation from your partner will supply millions of sperm, so keep the supply up by having lots of sex.

Sex positions for conception

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faith mudenda

a lot of times we give ourselves unneccessary headaches, the best way of knowing is to get a pregnancy test or a blood test. knowing when you ovulate can be aided by checking the discharge that you produce, tenderness and painful breasts are other signs, or using ovulation kits.make sure you plan well before having a baby


hi im getting a discharge thats like the discharge that u get when you ovulate, i had sex a week b4 ovulation and a eek after ive been trying to get prego 4 9 months now im streesed out


i had unprotective sex 2 weeks ago and the second week i started gettin pregnancy symptoms but the thing that confuses me is 2 weeks ago it was may and now where in june,, and also the second week i have started to get ovarie pains n middle lower pains and white clear or cloudy mucus,, i looked on the internet and it says you onli ovaluate 2 weeks before yur cycle buh i had sex last month does this mean i havent released an egg yet, does this mean i am not pregnant or can i be?? please can someone help me :(


yeah u prob are, i had the same symptoms when i was pregnant the only way to find out is take a test


Hi me and my husband been trying to have a baby for a year and half now and still have not gotten pregnant,should he go and get checked bye a docotor or is there any suggestions someone could give me.. because I have 3 children bye my ex..I don't know what to do its so fustrating and we want a baby together so bad! thanks


i think you may be stacey. it looks that way to me you have all the signs i would take a teat to make sure.


hello,my viginal discharge has increased but is still whitish in color. it comes alot cmpared to the normal amout is this normal and a sign of getting closer to ovulation? just wondering if it is normal. It has happened once but need to know if this is normal..thank you


hello, i had my last period on the 13.2.08 i have irregular periods but this month i havnt had a period yet and its been over 4 weeks i am never this late. i have been getting really bad period craps though but no period, also my nipples have been really tender. My boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex for the past three weeks. please help me, am i pregnant? thank you.

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