15 ways to be a (nearly) perfect parent (part 3)

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15 ways perfect parent cuddle kids

11. Don't beat yourself up

If you're having an off-day think about the things your parents did wrong. You survived - just about! And remind yourself that we need to make mistakes so we can learn to do something different next times.

12. Explain how much you earn

And tell how them how much it costs to live so they can see why they sometimes can't have the latest toy or trendy clothes.

13. Don't yell

Surprise them by talking very quietly. They'll be so taken aback, they might just listen.

14. Make eye contact

When you ask them to do something. Far more effective than shouting up the stairs.

15. Don't moan

For one hour every day stop yourself saying anything negative to them. This includes moaning about how bad your day has been.

Top tip: Tell them you love them - sounds simple, but so many kids go through life feeling unloved. Give them loads of hugs or if they're going through a stage where they don't want a cuddle, remember to say those three magic words.


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lynne harvey

most of this sounds so right, but i think we all forget the simple things, i gonna try the ones i don't do write back soon, and the i love you thing is great, but i like to leave notes around ie, in the sock draw under the pillow in there lunch box etc... places where they go often, plus i write in different ways ie, like the words and drawing pictures or in caps, small or even in colours... its great fun...

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