When will I ovulate? Find out with our ovulation calculator

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Ovulation calculator
An ovulation calculator can be super helpful if you're trying to get pregnant. Knowing when you're ovulating can seem a bit confusing, especially if your periods aren't regular. To stand your best chance of conceiving, you should try using an ovulation calculator.

It can be a challenging time if you're struggling to conceive, but try not to worry - they say stress can make it harder to fall pregnant! Instead give yourself the best chance by cluing yourself up with our ovulation calculator.

It's important to know when the best time to try for a baby is. If you work out when you're most fertile, you can schedule in some time to get steamy!

An average woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days but cycles can range from 22 days right up to 36 so don't just guess. Your menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period and continues up to the day before you start your next one.

Use our free ovulation calculator to find out when you're ovulating over the next six months and give yourself the best chance at becoming pregnant - you're welcome!

Work out your ovulation date using our tool below

Alternatively, follow these three steps to calculate your ovulation date and find out when you're likely to be most fertile

Step 1: Your menstrual cycle

When your next period starts, make a note of the date. The following month, when your period comes again, make a note of this date, then count the days in between. This will give you your cycle length. You may need to do this for more than one month and take the average, especially if your cycle isn't regular. Remember also that coming off the Pill will reveal your true menstrual cycle.

Period starts = 1st January
Next period starts = 3rd February
Days in between (including 1st Jan but not 3rd Feb) = 33 days.

Your menstrual cycle length is 33.

Step 2: Your fertile dates

Using our ovulation calender, find the right number in the menstrual cycle length column (33 for the above example) and read across for your ovulation day and most fertile days.

Cycle lengthOvulationMost fertile
22Day 8Days 7-9
23Day 9Days 8-10
24Day 10Days 9-11
25Day 11Days 10-12
26Day 12Days 11-13
27Day 13Days 12-14
28Day 14Days 13-15
29Day 15Days 14-16
30Day 16Days 15-17
31Day 17Days 16-18
32Day 18Days 17-19
33Day 19Days 18-20
34Day 20Days 19-21
35Day 21Days 20-22
36Day 22Days 21-23

Step 3: Your ovulation date

Work out your ovulation and most fertile dates. For the above example:

First day of last period = 3rd February 2008
Cycle Length = 33
Ovulation (19 days later) = 22nd February 2008
Most fertile (18-20 days later) = 21st and 23rd February 2008

Once you know your ovulation date, as a rule, you are most fertile the day before, during and the day after. It makes sense to try and have as much sex as you can at those times, and to improve your chances even more you can test some of our hottest sex positions for getting pregnant. Because sperm can survive for up to seven days in the right conditions you could be fertile before and after these days, which you guessed it - means even more sex!

Continued below...

N.B These figures are based on averages and should be used as a guide only. Days and dates may differ from woman to woman.


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I have 2 children age 6 and 3 and fell pregnant first try,I have been tring for 6 months with no luck, i had hysteroscopy to remove iucd in 2006 and i don`t know if it has some thing to do with it.good luck for any one how is trying.


I had an abortion start if April 08, and I regret it everyday since, there are a few reasons I did what I did including me listening to a few people I wish I didn't now. I hate myself for what I did because since I had it all I want is to have a baby with my long-term bf. Thats all I want. We have been trying for a baby ever since and nothing....Im worried something is wrong. I am worried about infertility after my terminantion, please help me. Thanks.


Hi, Me and my hubby have been trying for a baby sinxce April, but we haven't had much luck yet. We are active couple and keep on trying but now i'm just feeling slight disappointment that nothing is happening. I have regular periods each month, but my cycles vary every month, which of course doesn't help. Does anybodu know if my weight issue could be a problem. I'm 27, 5'2 and i weight around 12 stones? Any one please advice. Thanks, :(


thank you so much for this article and the ovulation calculator. i have always wanted to understand better how it all works and to get the correct dates to make babies. now that i know what my cycle is like, at least i know im going somewhere! million of thanks again!


i have 2 children from a previous relationship and i have been triying for a few years to get pregnant and absolutely nothing until this feb of o8 i fell pregnant purely this time by accident i was supposed to have surgery in march of 08 and was late getting my period so low a behold got a pregnancy test and it was positive only for it to be followed by a misscarriage and d and e on april 10. i was so devestated. so i again tried to fall pregnant again for may and was late and dissapointed when i got my period this morning. don't understand whats going on thought you were more fertile after a miscarraige this is the second month since my loss. anybody have any ideas we had relations all around ovulation day and nothing. i can't wait another 3 yrs to get pregnant again that was horrible.


I chose to have an abortion around 3 months ago, relationship was difficult and i thought it was for the best but i have come to realise that i want a baby more than anything.....i am wondering if you could give me advice on tips to get pregnant....??i am worried also about infertility after my terminantion. thanks


hiyaa a jus found out about 3 weeks ago i am now about 10 weeks pregantan am so woried i hope my baby is healthy and normal. i want a boy and have a few names in mind me and my boyfreind are so happy we are so exited. i cant wait for my scan so that i can have some idia to weather my baby is in perfect health. good look to all uss pregnant wimon out there ayeee!!!! xxxxxxx


thanks alot for this, but i still dont realy understand how to count my cycle, iam still confuse help me let say last month i have my period on the 26of marh, next month on the 21 of aprit plaese can u explain me how to count it? please


i had an abortion about a year ago and have been trying ever since and nothing has been happening...i got pregnant first time last year, but as i was going thew a divorce it was you think that abortion may of damaged me or anything?



oladapo adedamola

well i don,t know if am pregnant now or not because my last period first day is 28 january and i dont know how to calculate it to give me the right result i will really appreciate if you can help me out

amy pines

i keep ovulating on diffrent days each month


Hi Natalie, l have just conceived after 5 months of trying the only thing i did different this month was start taking Agnus Castus tablets from the health shop coincidence maybe all my previous pregnancies like yourself happened first try round but i have been struggling with this one til now(touch wood) hubby says don't forget afternoon delight aswell.Also been taking the folic acid vitamin tablets in readiness all along.Good luck anyway


i have 2 children from a previous relationship, and i fell pregnant on the first try with both of them! however my new partner and i have been trying to get pregnant now for over 5 months and still nothing? any body have any ideas? I am desperate and will try anything!


My fiance and I have been trying for a baby for a year now. I am 36 years old and have a son already, but desperately want another child. I have multiple fybroids but they are very small and the dr's have said I have healthy ovaries. I am getting so confused about when my ovulation time is. My cycle is on average 24 days, but my period varies from 21 days to 28 days. I have been doing an OPK which is still not giving me any indication as to when my ovulation time is. It is always showing negative. Please help as my clock is ticking and a hysterectomy is on the cards.


Hi all me and my partner have a 2 yr old daughter, and decided to try for a second. went to the doctor to get checked out as had no period for months, she told me i have PCOS, Took medication and i have had 2 periods on a 33 cycle, calender told me most fertile days will be 5th feb to 10th feb, anyone no of any really good postions and vitamins to ensure that we will definatly conceive?


hi everyone, ive got 3 girls who r 14 11 and 8. i had miriner coil in for 5 yrs then had it removed and a new 1 put back in same day. that was last feb. had that 1 taken out 12 nov 2009, so i could try get pregnant as i got new partner but then had a really bad bleed with clots etc on dec 25th so thinking this was my 1st period? im trying to have a baby, and just wondered if anyone as got caught straight after having coil out. just havent had my next period yet, and did pregancy test today and showed neg, so dont no when im ovulating???????????? please help


i have been trying to get pregnant for months now but my periods are irregular how will i no wen i am fertile


since i had my first baby last two years now i have being trying but on june i be came pregnant and lost it 29th august and bleed for two weeks,so now i want to be come pregnant again so please help me.


hi i'm mother of a 1 year old boy, i want to get a baby girl!! the first day of the last ovulation is on 7th oct (today:)) could u please tell me the days to do sex to have a baby girl!!


Iam 41 for 9 months we tried,no baby yet.we have done all examination,both are ok. what I can do,plaese give me advice. thanks


hi,i wrote b4 and was hoping that some one will respond but no one did any i was due on friday that just past for my period but it did not show till yesterday evening it came but has already stopped,but i continue to have strange feelings at d lower part of my belly,even sometimes is as if i have a stomuch ache at in my stomuch,is it that am preganant,i what to be very sure b4 giving my boy friend d news,can somebody write me?

able, about a 3months

pls i want to be a mum, i used to take postenor-2 contraceptive about 1 and half year and i stopped taken the pill three months ago....i have been trying to get pregnant but still......pls help me!


hi had my coil out after 3years ov bein in on the 1st july 15 june was my 1st day ov my last period due on the 13 july nothin so far could i be pregnant yet!!! and i hav very regular period!!! do u think havin the coil out would hav messed my system up!!! is to soon to take a test!!!


I also have the same problem as Amy, sometimes my cycle is 23 days, another months it's 26 days. We have been trying for a baby for over a year. Could you please help me how to figure out the ovulation calendar?


i am mother of two boys, i what my next baby to be a babt girl. pls help me in caculate my ovulaion cycle.pls tell me what to do b/c i into that problem now,iam confuse.


please tell me how to do ovtlution sex?


I have just found out that I am pregnant, and used your fertile calendar as a guide- so thank you very much, but can you tell me why my due date that the doctor gave me is 26th December, and my due date on your calendar is 5th January?


Hi i have a 11yr old child from a previous relationship and have now been trying to get pregnant for 18months, im not really sure how to calculate my cycle because if differs from month to month sometimes i come on right on my date others months up to a week late last month my cycle was 39days.Please help ive done everything i can think of possible

Teresa juong

iwould like to know if someone stayed for almost ten months with out pregnancy and that person when to the hospital and there was no transmitted deseas found and you are not concieving iwould like to know what cause and which step should be taken by that person inorder for her to get pregnant thanks By Teresa


Me and my hubby have been trying for a baby for 5 months now and nothing i have tryed Ovulation Calendars. If anyone has any ideas? i have also been taking folic acid HELP?


You can use special computer programs to find the days when you are not fertile taking into account possible variations in your menstrual cycle. I've used one of such programs - "Advanced Woman Calendar" for 3 month. It supports Basal Body Temperature tracking. You can enter your temperature and program will give you all suggestions. You can read about it at Also you can try another program - "Gegamon Menstrual Calendar".


hi friends we are all in the same boat at the moment i have been for three years, i was on pill for a year came out of it year ago and since then me and my hubby are desperate to have a child. my periods are regular i went to gynecolog got all the test done and still nothing, test came out clear say we both are ok with no problems buy why i cant conceive i dont know. can anybody help please. i really wanna be a mum by next year.


hi ally don't worry you will get pregnant soon just truast in god because, if god gave you a husband why he not give you the childrean because married is a bless,so god will give you a baby just trying God answer all your prayers.

Kathy Roe

Everyone that has had a child has been blessed. I am 37 now and been trying to have a kid since I was 22. May God answer all your prayers in conceiving. I am starting to think I been cursed. :(


i have 1 child who is now 6 me and my boyfriend have been trying for are second child now for nearly 3 years i was on the depo injection for some time but did think everything would be back to normal now i did fall pregnant about 5 months ago but i miscarryed we are very desperate now and really want to bring a second child in to are family any one with any advise are ideas?


I am trying to get a baby 9 monthes already but now still not yet have. I am not regular cycle. Ex last month my cycle was on 3rd and for this month is on 6rd. I want to know which date should i have a baby.


my and my husband have been trying for a baby for over a year and still nothing has happend. I have two children from a previous relationship but after my youngest child i fell pregnant at a bad time and ended up having an abortion, i then started seeing my husband and we got married and have decided to expand our family but can't seem to get pregnant we are quite a healthy couple i go to the gym 3-4 times a week and our sex life is great too but just wondered if anyone had any tips or sugestions on what i could do more?? thanks xx


I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years now and we finally have decided to have a baby...We have been trying for 3 months now and nothing..!!!! I chart my cervical mucas and use OPK's and have sex on the days I am suppose to I think (My cycle varies from 28-29-30-31 days every months so its kind of hard...Can anyone help??? I am now very ready to be a mom.....


Hi I'm a newbee I had the mirena for 8yrs and had it removed in june trying to get preggo had sex like everyday or every other day for the last past mth`s please tell me what I'm doin wrong because I haven't had a positive test yet


this article is so useful . thanks.


Me and my partner are recently trying for a baby I came on my period 1st off arguest and I came off my period the Sunday what is the best date to try can anyone help me ???


hi my period dare is april 16-20th finish,now i am getting pregrant or not,checking the pregrancy correct time or not and period 12th day i missing


i had my last periods on 27th march and since then we are trying for a baby,,we made love on 6,12,14,16 of April... plesae tell me if iam pregnanat.


what chances do i have in twins since my father's sister has twins and my mother has twins ad

Kim 'muffin-tops' Williams

hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that ive jus bought some ovulation tests and they are really really good, i calculated wen i wud b ovulating and u start testing a few days before, i did the test a test on saturday when i was meant 2 b ovulating n it came back i wasnt, i did 1 on sunday and it came bak i wud b ovulating in the next 24 to 26 hrs! it tells u wen u r GOING to not wen u ARE! so i am meant to b ovulating today either this morning or by tonight!! the ovlation tests are quite expensive but soooooo worth it cos i mite not of known i was ovulating today if i hadnt bought them!! superdrug are doing buy 1 get 1 free so i wud recommend them sooo much!! im due on my next period on valentines day so either guna have a brill surprise or guna b disappointed, im trying soooooooooooo hard not 2 get obsessed but cant help it!! this is the 1st mnth of proper trying n will b so lucky if i get pregnant so quick!!! Anyway i really think u shud try th ovulation tests especially if u dont have regular periods!!! good luck everyone and wish me luck for getting pregnant :)

Kim 'muffin-tops' Williams

hey Girls, me and my husband have decided to try for a baby, i have worked out my ovulation date n shud b today but will have b able to work it out even beta next mnth afta my period! but i have jus bought the ovulation thing so wil b trying that out very soon!! i have a 7yr old from a previous relationship even tho my husband has bought her up since she was 6mnths old! we have tried b4 but no joy but i didnt really understand ovulation and stuff bak thn!!! i wish all of u look!! ALSO i wanted to say if u have questions why not try out a forum cos i dont think anyone is actually guna answer ur questions on here as much as a forum where u can write ur own topic n get more help ALSO dont get upset if u dont get pregnant afta a few mnths of trying cos it is goin 2 take longer thn 2 tries in most cases!! relax i no its hard cos i cant get babies off my mind atm!!! i just hope i do finally get pregnant!! good luck everyone x


i am 29,i find it difficult calculating my ovulation period cos i usually av irregular period,take for instance,i menstruated 9th of march nd menstruated 29th of april.pls wen is my next ovulatory period nd hw do i calculate it mostly for dis month.thanx.

sonia goyal

hello i am tring a baby boy.i got my period on 26th dec. my cycle length is 31 so please tell me on which date i can achive my goal having baby boy


am trying for a baby boy,i got my period on 27th of nov 2010 and i have 28days circle,iam on clomid 3-7 days,i made love on day 10,13,15,and 16 pls tell me if i can achieve my goal of having a baby boy


today i have 2 month old baby girl now i want within upcoming year one baby boy. how can make possible?


i had a bad time with getting pregnant but its under good hands, Is there anything i can do?


Hiya me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 3 months i know its not that long but my periods every month come at differnet times. Sometimes i'll have 36 days, sometimes 30 days and sometimes 28 days. How do i know when i'm ovulating in order to start trying again??

Frances Dav

Hello, I read your Ovulation Calendar and I want you to please help me with this answers to the question. Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancy This Month my period flow starts on 11th of November, and it stooped on 15th November. Please I want the accurate Calender dates that is safe for me to have sex with my partner, We do not want Pregnancy Since my period flow starts 11th and ends on 15th, So what days is the safe date to have sex without having Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancy Thank you. Dav

Jaydens Mummy

Any of you who have been trying for over a year are eligible for free help from your doctor. I am hoping not to have to wait a year, i had a baby boy on 12th August and so would be VERY fertile, i have a new partner but we believe he may be infertile :( We want more children and are worried we won't be able to. :(


I have been off the pill for about two months now and have a regular cycle of 28 days. i've tried ovulation kits and calendars to calculate my ovulating times. it's been two months having sex during ovulation time but nothing has happened yet. Does anyone know why?


How will I have a correct count of my ovulation period when my period takes two to three weeks? can anyone help me with this???


hi, i have got a 14 weeks old baby and i still havent fell pregnant again


I came off my pill on the 25/09/09 after 12 years of being on it! ive just had my 12th period to say no not this month - (been trying 12 months) periods returned to 28 day cycle from 1st month! i have dabbled with BBT and found that my temps rose on day 19 of the three months of recording them - last month i tried the ovulation sticks got a positive on day 17. So now this month we are going to try and baby make around day 16 - 20 of cycle to see if we have any luck has in the past we have concentrated around day 14 as all calanders say 28 day cycle = 14 day is ovulation date. giving it a couple of months of trying days 16 - 20 and if no luck at least i can go to doctors armed with information.


my husband and i have been tryin for 8 months and nothing. brrn off the combined pil over a year, could it still be effecting me?? had a miscarraige 3 years ago, were both still in late 20', can anyone help??


hi all i stoped the pill the 1 of july this year 2010 have a bit of blood week later but then came on 30july and came off on the 4 august i would like to try for a baby but should i wait until i have been on again or not? because i dont no what my ovulation days are??


Hi,i've been trying to coceive for one year now and nothing has happen yet,the doctor say every thing is ok with me and my husband,still y am i unable to conceive?can anyone pinpoint my ovulation date?my last period start on 13 june,i'm a 26day cycle.pls help.



Aimi Hassan

Hi all,i have been trying for a baby for the past 17 years. My husband and i have tried everything. I am 40 years old and really worried that time is running out...pls help!!.


my menstruated start date is 9th oct 2017 than which date i ovulation date and when my fertility start plz help me


My name is Masego,,I do not no how to calculate my ovulation periods ,please help.i the first day of my last period was on the 27 July 2017 and finish on the 03 August 2017.please help when is the time to get pregnant

agnes Nakiria

Hi have been trying to get pregnant to ababy boy and Finished my periods on 20July 2017 and had sex on 1st and 2nd of August tell me if iwii achieve my goal

agnes Nakiria

I think you will have ababy boy

Grace Okoro

is it possible to had your period on 8th June and had sex on 4th July and be pregnanat? please advice.


Hi, my husband and I have been ttc for about 8 months now my periods have been pretty regular with my cycle usually being around 32 days! This week I got a positive ovulation test on day 16, then have got my periods on day 26 which is really early for me! At first I thought it might be Implantation bleeding as it does not feel like I have my periods and it's really light! But this is day 4 of it! Has anyone had this before? Confused!!!


i tried to get preganant for so long but it didnt work untill .. i ate ananas (pineapple) the first day of the period till the 9th day and stopped totally.. i ate veery healthy like grilled salmon egg sweet potato white rice daily ... and did hard exersices every day(tabata) the healthy fod and the exercise started before half month of my last period .. i hope this will help someone❤️


Please I have a 32 days menstrual cycle it usually start on the 12 please when are am likely to ovulate please help me


First day of my last period is 19th of dis month and ends on the 23rd pls wen will be my fertile days,I still can't calculate it well


Hey everyone I want to know what day could be my average length of cycle I been trying to conceive for 2 year.. My last period was October 18 2014 and I want to know what is my ovulate I need help please.


Hi, My name is Claudine , my Husband and i are trying to have a child but haven't suceed . my period is irregular but i'm taking pre- natal to become pregnant. can someone help me calculate my Ovulation cycle . My period was on the 11th of september and lasts for 8 days. when is the best days to conceived ? Thanks alot !


i just want to know that when i have to do sex with my husband before the monthly period starts or after the monthly period over.


Hello my good friends i want to say a big thanks and appreciation to the great man Dr ukpoyan of who bless my womb, i have been married for the past 10year without a child i have look for all kind of help that can make me get pregnant but nothing works, but through an insight i came across Dr ukpoyan profile at the internet when i was searching for help on how i can get a baby, Quickly i contacted him to help me out, he said he will cast a spell that will make me sleep with my partner and get pregnant so he told to have the faith and believe in him, as everything will be fine, and which i did, my friends after doing all the instructions given to me by Dr ukpoyan, a couple of weeks later i went for test and i was detected positively pregnant of 2weeeks and now i am here taking care of my baby girl all this i never believed will happen but with the help of Dr ukpoyan my problems where solved.. well if you need any help with your problem of delivery issue just log on to Dr ukpoyan on:


Hi me and my partner have been trying for a baby but my periods are irregular last period has started on 27th december 2013 and ended on 2nd feb 2014, then after that i got my periods on this month 15th march 2014 and its still on. So i can't keep a track on my cycle. How do i know when i'm ovulating in order to start trying again??

Mom of two

For a baby boy the best chance is to try on the ovulation day or a day before. If the cycle is 31 days, then I would try to calculate the day of ovulation as 14th day before my next period starts, or as in the table above, on the 17th day from the first day of my period.

Mom of two

If you had your period started on Jan 14th, it just says that your ovulation was aproximately about 14 days before, if you have 28 days cycle. However, it is impossible to predict when the next ovulation will happen. Perhaps it can happen in about 14th day after the period, but there is no way to know for sure since first comes the ovulation and then the period.

worried and wishing

I havent had my period since july 23 2013, and I just got it last night jan.14 2014. when would I ovulate?


the man is the one who can give a boy or girl chromosome.


hello, my period was on the 20th of nov n ended the 25. which my cycle from oct till nov was 35.I had sex 27 of nov and the 4 of dec. so would it b possible if i can get pregnant


can u plz reply fast


i am 29 years old we done sex before 13 days with precosions and my period date is 3-4 in month but after done sex i have not start this month period is it possible m i pragnet


If you had sex with your boyfriend around a week before your ex then it is probably your boyfriends. If you have a normal cycle of 28days then you would have been most fertile on around the 3rd to 5th of August. This is no guarantee though. Maybe you should consider if keeping this baby is the right thing to do as you are obviously not in a committed relationship and you sound quite young. Whatever your decision, make sure you have thought long and hard about it and considered your future.




Hi am 23 and have a three year old son. And have been trying for nearly three years for another we have had a lot of test done our last one being a scan of my ovaries and awaiting results so far everythings normal dos anyone know about other tests that can be done any help would be wecome thanks in advance


I am about 7 weeks pregnant and my last period was 21 July 13 I had sex with an ex on the 13th of August now am worried if the baby is his or my boyfriends can any one help

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