Will I have a boy or girl? Find out with the Chinese birth chart

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'Will I have a boy or girl?' This Chinese birth chart can potentially answer what is probably the question on your head if you're expecting. And while there are plenty of old wives' tales doing the rounds, claiming to determine the sex of your baby if you're wondering 'am I having a boy or girl?', this one has been around longer than most.

This ancient Chinese birth chart was uncovered in the tomb of a monk in Beijing, according to legend, and could help you work out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. When archaeologists examined the parchment the chart was printed on, they found that it predicts the sex of your baby, with a spooky amount of accuracy.

The Chinese birth chart is supposedly based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and takes into account the mother's age and month of conception.

We can’t claim any official scientific research behind the Chinese birth chart, but we have had some positive results ourselves. Plus, with only two options there’s always a 50% chance of getting it right!

If you're looking for other signs that could point you in the direction of pink or blue, why not try the nub theory test at your 12 week scan? This theory is based on looking at the way your baby is positioned to see if they have a 'nub' that's sticking upwards to indicate their gender.

You could also have a browse of our collection of funny old wives tales that are supposed to hint at whether it will be a little lad or a little lass.

But for now let's stick with the Chinese birth predictor and see what it says for you. Have a play and test it on friends and relatives to work out the accuracy for yourself.

So anyway, down to business…

How do I work out if it's a boy or girl with the Chinese birth chart?

It’s simple: just look down the Chinese birth chart to find how old you'll be when you give birth and along the top for the month your baby was conceived. The square where the two meet will show if you're having a boy or a girl according to Chinese legend. Ta-dah!

And if it works for you, let us know in the comments box below or share your story with us on our Facebook page.

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dear sir, plz suggest me the right name of male baby. who is born on 04 feb2008 at time 10.10pm (indian time )


Wow! My mum had this chart in 1988 and I was expecting my second child then. According to it the child was to be a girl.So we started a preparation for welcoming a baby girl, my first born being a boy.Mum bought and sewed and knitted pink garments for the new baby and bought lots of colourful frocks. On the night of 22 Feb 1989, the baby turned out to be a bouncy baby boy! We were happy ofcourse but all the preparation came to a naught as my husband woudn't allow girly clothes on his baby boy. So new set of clothes were bought and I gifted the girlie set to the few months old baby girl of my peon who was stunned at the jackpot! So in my view take the prediction lightly. And anyways according to the law of probability either boy or a girl has to be born. Why bother, let the mystery unfold it self beautifully.


This was wrong for me - predicted a Boy and I am having another little Girl.


I did one of these charts before I knew what I was having and it predicted a girl. I thought it had to wrong as I was convinced I was having a boy (womens intuition and all that), but low and behold I had a scan and was told I was having a girl! And I just did this one today to triple check and got the same result.


The chart predicted 2 boys and i have 2 boys. Am currently pregnant with my 3rd and it is predicting a girl...hope its right!


Nah it wasn't right. im due a little girl but the chart said a little boy! x


this is so acurate!! its worked on all my 6 children 4 girls and 2 boys i look up my neices and it was still all correct


according to this chart I should of had 2 baby boys and it turned out 2 little girls.. im on my third child now and once again it says a baby boy so lets just find out if its right this time round.


I'm curious, every other interpretation of this chart I've seen has you look up the conception month and mother's age at conception. This has now proven accurate in 12 out of 13 tests I've put it against...but using the age at birth is about 50% less accurate.


i am 21 weeks pregnant with a boy,the chart says i should be having a girl.the chart was right with my other 2 children,im a bit nervous now,lol

Angie, 4 1/2 monthes

omgosh im so frekkin excite dit says a girl and so did the needle and so exicted yea,....


this chart is accurate for all people i have done it for, i have 2 boys which the chart says though i am 5months preg and by 2d scan have been told i am having another boy!! the chart says a girl so i am hoping the chart continues to be correct...though if its noy have another healthy boy!!!


I had a lil boy in 07 just like th chart said i am pregnant again and this tym it says a girl...hope its right again!!


i want to be pregnent for first time and have a boy please let me know how


i wanted a baby boy and i had a boy yesss


i had my bby nealry a year ago,i had a 4d scan done and was told i was havin a boy i had a look at the chart and that says a girl. guess who was right?!!!! the CHART was right


Chart said i was having another boy (after two already). To my delight i had a baby girl - so i am glad the chart was wrong!!


Nope not true for me!! ultrasound said this baby is aboy and chart says girl... and my daughter is a boy!


Please tell me what gender my baby will be


this was wrong 4 me,wen i was pregnant 2 years ago at 19 its says in this chart i shuda ad a girl,but got a 2year old boy,so i dont believe in this chart at al sorry


This worked for me, just found out I am having a boy as predicted!!


This worked for both myself and my sister in law


this is so good i got told i was havin a boy and i went on this website to see if it was true wot people keep tellin me about it and it is true it sayed i was havin a boy and i am............................

amanda lane

i tried the chart with my brother and sisters. and it worked for my older sister and me. younger brother and sister at did parents were told by doctors that when mum was expecting a girl, along came Aaron and then were told that their 4th child would be a boy...only to have Shelly! :) so i guess its true. i couldnt do it coz I gave birth at 17 :( its good though! :) very interesting


this was wrong for both my kids :)


OMG - I have 2 kids a boy and a girl - the chart is right for them both. I'm pregnant at the moment and according the chart i'm having another boy!!!


It worked for my first child, so hoping this oneis right too


was right with my first a boy this time it says grl will let you all no


ok i have a question.... i will be 25 when my baby is born. but is the month conceived the date of my lmp which is how due date is calculated or when actually conceived? as the 1st day of my last period was march but would have actually conceived in april. so its giving different results for each one thankyou :)


Mine was right = as long as the midwife saw the right nobbles on the scan.


The chart got it right last time,it said I would have a girl and I did.This time it's saying another girl which "feels" right,got my 20 week scan in a couple of days so we'll see!


The chart was right for all my 3 children but only if i use my age at conception, not birth. It tells me my next baby will be a girl. Will let you know when he/she is born!!!


It worked for all my four children plus my first grandchild. Now expecting more grandchildren so let's see.....

sonia Raj

I am 34 weeks pregnant, the chart says i should be having a Baby Boy, Let's see still 25 days left.........


hi the chat said im having a girl this time but i really want boy becoz i have allready baby girl........i ll let u know when i have....


im 3 months pregnant i am really wanting my baby to be a girl and its says that im gonna have a girl!! so ill let you know in 2 months time.


this chart was right for my 1st baby which was a boy now im preg agen n it says a girl so lets hope its right :D


It was right for my first child. According to the chart it was a boy and it was a right prediction. For this one it says it will be a girl. I will be back and let you know.


I got pregnant with my son at 17 but the chart doesn't show anything for him. I used it for my daughter that was conceived in Feb. of 04 and I was 18.... and it was right!!! It's funny because all the 'old wives calculations' kept telling me I was having a boy. I guess the chart proved them wrong!!!


ive had 3 children and all mine was wright


Umm didnt work for me!!! :-P


was right about my 1st a boy.says im having a girl this time will let you know in when i have my scan in a couple of weeks.


Was wrong 4 my first baby said i would have a girl but i had a boy! This time says i will have a boy so i'll let u know wen baby is born x


i done this test for all my children including the 1 im expecting now it came up right said i was carrying a boy this time.and yet agian it was RIGHT its a boy.yippy (this is my 5th child)


Hi, Ok just checked this chart for my 1st child, which was a gorge baby boy, this time says a girl, went for a scan legs were pure crossed, but said it was prob a boy through measurements, i wasnt convinced and still not, i will let you know in 4weeks when bubs is due to make an appearancexxxx


chart was right with my first predicted a girl and along came serenity-eve second due in october lets see if its true and i do have a boy let ya know wen it happens xxxx


Chart was wrong for me, said girl but i had a boy. Every old wives tale and craving etc pointed towards a girl but 100% boy for me :)

shabina khan

it worked before i had a girl last year- know lets see what happens its predicting a boy. I WILL GET BACK IN OCTOBER WITH THE RESULTS

Talisha Rodgers

The chart was wrong with my first child said a :girl" I had a BOY!!! Was correct with my second also a BOY and know I'm pregnant and it said a BOY again... There are so many charts the ORIGINAL with the 700 years information said GIRL!!!! I'm only PRAYING to my HEAVENLY FATHER that he give me a baby girl this time around. I will love a boy the same... I WANT A DAUGHTER after two handsome sons. And besides I'm running out of name for C's Boys. My husband name is Chris my oldest is Christopher(C.J.) and my youngest is Casmiere (Cash for short) My husband said the girl name can start with T like my first so I want my T...LOL Would love to share her name with you. But, it;s a name I'm sure most mother's will want and I'm holding back. Lol Sorry


I have 2 fantastic boys already and we would love to be able to concieve with a baby sister for them.The chart was right with my 2 boys so looks like will have to wait until may to start trying, LOL.


ive just done the chart on my 5th pregnancy,i never done it befor and worked out the dates for my previous children and it was right every unsure what im having at the mo,but the chart says its a boy! lets hope its right this time round.


this chart was right with my first two boys i am currently pregant with my third boy but the chart predicted a girl, was really hoping chart would be right again but happy anyway.

aliyah rajah

well what can i say lol it starts with my first baby i looked on the chat i was 19 at the time my baby was due in feb it says girl and realy i had a girl then i got pregnat again i was 20 at the time the chat says boy and you know what i had a boy i think it realy works well for me it has lol........................


my little girl is 16 months and the best thing ever but the chart says i'm having another girl i don't mind as long as theres ten fingers and ten toes but would love a son


i am only 15 and the chart dont go that low could some one please help




I just looked at when I had my son and it says boy!!! This fills me with hope as this time round with this pregnacy it says girl!! I have always wanted a little girl all my life and I just pray every day it is a little girl.!! If not how great to have a little brother for my son!! I will write back in two months when I know for sure.


the chart was right for me the first time it says a was having a girl and i did my baby is 8 months now and i just found aut i am pregnant again and according to the chart i should be having a boy lets hops so. but i can't help but think what if am having twins can the chart be right than? it says nothing about the twins here on the chart. any suggestions?


I had a little girl last year, and I am pregnant again. According to the chart, I'm told I'll be having a girl again. In fact I was hoping it was going to be a boy. I'm still hoping a lot the chart is wrong, but it worked for my daughter, so.... Uphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Annoyed now!


A stupid prediction which is false... Anybody can prepare an X/O chart for M/F. If its right oh yes the prediction is right and no then wrong.. common now ppl wake up.. There are only two sexes God had created Male and Female.. take it as God has planned... God bless..


Well, this worked on my first child. Says im having a boy and yes i had a boy. This also worked on my sister and friends. all correct! and now im having another child and says its a baby girl... i really hope its still accurate. i'll let you know soon...Goodluck!


Well i m not sure this is my first baby,so just thought of checking..... My due is in october,and the calendar says its a boy happy to hear but i need to wait for a month.Hope the prediction comes true


Not so sure I believe in this chart...says my mom should of had a boy, but she had me, and says I'm having a girl but my ultrasound looked more like a boy...still not definate yet though but I'm wanting a boy so I think I'm just gonna ignore this chart, lol. Although it did work for my friend...oh well, guess we shall see. Hope it's a boy though but as long as it's healthy I shouldn't care..


Other sites suggest that the mothers age at the time of conception and month of conception are used whereas this chart says mothers age at time of birth and month of conception. Working this way all mine were correct. working the other way my eldest son should have been a girl. I think I'll stick with this way age at birth as I have just conceived and want a girl and this charts says thats what I'm going to get whereas others say boy and I've already got 3 boisterous ones! Only time will tell.


for both my boys it said girls and im pregnant again and its now saying boy so does this mean im actually having a girl lol


Well this chart is wrong for me but correct for my brother. But then i've always been difficult. Cant test it on myself as im too young to have babies!! (although stranger things have happened...)


For my daughter it said i was having a boy, then for my son it said i was having a girl and now i'm pregnant again it says boy so should i expect to be having a girl???


i know i shouldnt want but i was very happy cau!se the chartsays im having a girl!find out in three weeks.its kinda strange how accurate this is as it is the sperm that determines the sex of the baby- due to chromosomes yada yada -


This chart is good but I can see potential for faults as my baby is due a few days before my next birthday and if the baby is born before my birthday then it's a girl but if it is born after my birthday then it is a boy. How does that work? The reason i'm saying this is because my son was 11 days over due so if this baby is born after the due date... do you see what i mean? Any way lets hope for the best. What ever this baby will be loved.

Maria Raggatt

Looked on many diferent sites at chinese birth predictor and all charts show at 40 years of age and conception month of May its a girl, apart from your chart which shows its a boy! Which chart is correct?!


It was wrong with me :( Said I was having a girl but had a boy!


i am 17 and i can find NO calendar that 4 my age..does ANYONE kno where i could find 1???


got two boys worked it out on the youngest it was right said boy and i had boy. pregnant on my third says girl so lets hope its right as we really want a girl


Correctly predicted my daughter and the son I have on the way!


I have used this chart for my first pregnancy and my second preganancy ad it said I was having boys for both! I indeed did have two boys! I'm now hoping that it works for my third as I'm pregnant right now and it says I'm having a girl oh i hope so! I will let you know in six weeks what the ultrasound says.


It worked for my first two who were girls but i had another daughter and it said boy! oh well she is quite a tomboy!


We did this in our antenatal class and was asked our ages at conception and it was right. There was about 15 in the room and 1 was wrong. If I do my age at birth it is wrong.


I checked this chart for my already living children and I was 25 when I conceived in November and I had a son. I was 34 when I conceived in September and had a daughter. I am now pregnant again and it says 39 and in I guess I'll be having a little boy. And I was hoping to buy cute little girl clothes! Oh well, at least I won't be the one who has to get up to take him to the bathroom in a couple of years while out at a restaurant! :-)


hey, well it was right for my forst it said boy, i am now 7 weeks pregnant and im 22 conceived in feb the chart says boy but my birthday is on the 16th of febuary so i could have been 21 which means its sayin a girl so its a close call. iv had a little morning sickness and cravin sweets and fruit so i dno wat do u think?


this worked out right for me, its mad


both my babies were the complete opposite, first i had a boy and then a girl and the chinese chart says otherwise LOL. i would like another girl so maybe i will try conceive when the chart says i will have a boy LOL


Lindsey - gender is not hereditary, it's 50/50 every time regardless of how many boys/girls are in the family :) Well it was right with my little boy and as I was 21 it was apparently the only month I could have conceived a boy in! Not really sure how accurate it really is though as its got a 50% chance of being right!


hi i didnt work for me said i was having boys when iv got 2 girls but i still check again just to be sure as trying for numba 3 and a boy would defiantly finish my family nicely for others that it didnt for i read that you should use your lunar age whatever that is instead off actually age i tried it and it predicted right worth a try!!!!! try it just google chinese lunar age birth charts

Lindsey Denha

Yep it worked with me i got a lil boy.Whenthe chart predicted a boy I thought it was rubbish having already having a daughter, a niece and two sisters xx :) xx


Wrong... i have a boy i was 19 when i had him he was due and born Aug - making date of conception Nov its going to be 50/50 as its either right or wrong anyone could make one of these n right m/f randomly across it and the chances are if you ask 10 people its 50 50 on all of them some will be right n some will be wrong..

jenna n nicky

my sister is expecting a new baby in september! The chart is predicting a girl so lets hope :) It predicted my aunt was having a boy and guess what she found out yesterday and its a boy! my mum also tried it 4 all 7 of hers and every single 1 was correct so fingers croosed am going to get a lovley little neice will let you all know soon :)


hi my date of birth is 15/7/1984. i have conceived on last year 12/6/2009. please tell me, my baby's sex.


hi thiss birth chart is a load of rubish it said iwas having a girl and guss wot i had my scan on friday and its a boy all my dates are right so balls two birth chart


This is true with my first child i use this and it said i will having a boy!!!! and in 5 months guess wat ITS A BOY!!! i will be use this again for my 2nd child


i think this is totally stupid ppl should be happy no matter what iv been trying to concieve for 14 yrs and just ovalated for my first time, im also on clomid 3 months now so il be happy with whatever i get xxx


This chart was right with my 1st child which was a boy and it was also right with me and my sister when my mum had us. I am now planning on my 2nd child and really want a girl so i have used the chart to choose which month to get pregnant for a girl. I am just wating to see if i am pregnant as it is a little too early yet to find out yet. I hope i am and it will be a girl. Fingers crossed for me and my fingers are crossed for all you ladies too to get the sex you would like. Good-luck ladies.

nichola beckett

hi jst a quick up date as i mentioned b4 in my last mail the chart has been rite for all my four children and the chart predicted that my 5th would be another boy and low and behold it is!!!! over the moon.... although i have 3 boys and 1 girl so either would have been good!!! all good fun hope you all enjoy your pregnancys regardless to acuracy of this test lol!! x


my first one was right..saying id be having a girl and i did..the second one said ill be having a girl to but i went for a scan yesterday and im having a happy either way...just dont bank on the answer they give you!!! :-)


when looking at the chart it shows im having a boy.. went for my scan yesterday and im having a girl.. my sister in law shows she would be having a girl.. but is having a boy lol. oh well.. good job i didnt look at this befor i found out.. because i had already convinced myself she was a boy.


Its been right with both of mine girl first time boy this time


Lol, both of mine are wrong - for my daughter the chart says i should have had a boy - WRONG, she is most certainly all girl. And now this time the chart says i'm due a girl, again WRONG - our scan was a full frontal extremely clear pic of little boys testicals and winkle, lol! Never mind - it's all a bit of fun! Just don't rely on it when buying baby clothes, haha! Good luck to all!

Nichola beckett

im 21 weeks pregnant with my 5th childi have 3beautiful boys and 1 stunning daughter so really dont mind what we have but have read through the chart and all tallys exactly right for all 4 of my children, we dont kow what we are having with bump but it says anouther boy which is fine by me, will have to wait and see if the test will be right for my last little baby x


The Chart said girl, but i went in for my 20 week ultrasound and... it's a boy. I really wanted a girl, all the oldwives tales pointed to a girl too but, nope... having a boy. I had the ulrtasound tech check many times just to be sure cause i was so sure i was having a girl. As long as he's healthy though, that's all that matters!!!


i all ready have to boys i did both for my boys and it's correct now im 6 weeks pregnant and its showing on chart im carrying a girl if correct i be so shocked happy but if it is another boy i still be proud and happy


hello my preagency date april month and my age is 26 pl tell me my baby sex. thanks


it worked i was 20 when i had my son and it said it would be a boy we are ttc again now and hoping for a girl this time. the chart also says at 21 i will have a girl lets hope sox


Ive just done it and it says girl im too early on for my scan yet BUT pray that it is right because i already have three boys!! please keep fingers crossed for me to finaly have pink in my house!!

Abigail payne

i have just calculated my results and according to this i am having a boy...i so hope this is right as me and my partner are so exited at the prospect it could be....we already have 2 girls you see so a little boy would complete our family nicely.. :-) :-)...i have every faith this is right too!! xx

Sam T

Well according to the chart I'm having a girl. This is based on my actual age. My 20 week scan and 4D scan both confirmed a girl too! However using my Chinese lunar age it predicts a boy!!! Well I'll find out in September when she (?) is due. If it is a boy he'll be wearing dresses lol


This worked for me told me i was having a girl and i did. Now i want a boy so i am going to use this chart try to concieve in the right month and see what happens.


i am on my fourth child i have used my real age and the chart has been right with every child, so i believe this works. also everyone i know who has used it, it has been right for as well.


Well they forget to mention the fact that you have to go by your Chinese Lunar Age. Not the age you are now. That makes a huge difference in the results. Normally you should add around two years. They only have 29 days in their months. So that is why you add some years. By the way, you can't just add two years, you need to go to a site that can calculate your chinese lunar age, this will give you the true results.


well i concieved in april... it says im gona have a girl... hope its true!!! i already have a boy so i want a girl...

Sam Froggatt

Utter rubbish! I was convinced of a boy, and all the old wives tales are sayign a boy, but we have had our scan and guess what its a GIRL!

Kristina W

Well, this worked for my first child which was a boy, my second child said it was going to be a girl and I had a boy, so I still think it's a 50/50 chance on having a boy or girl!

Shel Bell

I have been adamant that I am having a boy, I can't see where a girl will fit into our family. My husband doesn't want to know at our 20 week scan but I do :-( The predictor says it's a girl so I better get used to the idea that it is a possibility.


hi i done this with ma first child and it said boy and guess what it was ryt my bfs sister done it with people she knew and it was all correct what she had and ive done it with my second and says having a girl so ill let u know


It was correct for both my children!


well im 20 n concieved feb and im having a girl bt the chart says im having a boy lol bt im happy with a girl i will have one of each then :)


I got pregnant sometime in May..The Chinese predictor said I'm having a girl...I hope so! what ever it is I'll make sure to let you guys know if it worked for me...


my birth date is 12-11 -1988 and now i am pregnent. i want to know about my baby gender sex, my due date is 12-10-2010


hi i have tried ur theory and so far its right i have 2 sons. I am now hoping that it is going to be right for the one that i am pregnant with i would so love a little girl


Well this has worked on evryone in my family and for every friend that i have passed it on to. It's amazing! :-)


I am a Chinese and for this to work, you'd have to add 1 year to your age...the traditional Chinese way to calculate your age is that you're 1 year old when you're yeah:D and bear in mind that it is the month of PREGNANCY, not month of birth:D


it was spot on!!!!




Hi Vic There are a few different variations of the Chinese Birth Predictor around. Of course it's only a bit of fun, but we find lots of people leave comments to say this one has predicted the sex of their baby accurately! goodtoknow


Why is this chart different to all other ones i have found online?


It did not work for me at all :), wrong wrong wrong!


@sami your father in law could be right - i have done this survey of my family from my father's side and we back as far as we could i think up to great great great grandfather and every male has had a boy first.


well it worked for my sons fiancee, said she was having a girl and she did last september and she is now walking round the furniture and the way she stands by herself it wont be long before she takes those 1st steps :D but it didnt work for my neice, who gave me the exact date of when she conceived (rather sadly) and it said she was to have a boy but she had a girl :) she already had a little girl so wasnt overly bothered otherwise it would have meant buying new clothes which they really couldnt afford to do

Sam Taylor

According to this I'm having a girl. I hope it's right because I'd love a little girl. Everyone else thinks I'm having a boy, especially my father in law. He says his dad had a boy first, he had a boy first (my husband) and his other son had a baby which was also a boy. And he says he's never wrong! Does anyone else think his theory could be right?


This guessing method didn't work for me. Predicted a boy on my first baby and i had a girl. Predicted a boy on my second baby and i had another girl. I'm currently pregnant and yet again it predicts a boy, so i'm guessing that i'm having another little girl then! lol :)


I looked on the chart when i was pregnant. We didnt want to find out the sex but i loved guessing. Everyone told me i was having a girl. However, the chart showed that i was having a boy and sure enough we had a beauiful baby BOY! Dont know how it works but cant wait to see what it says with the next one.


the chart was right for my firs predicted a boy and yes i have a 4 year old boy....i'm 15 weeks preggo right now and it says that i'm having a girl this time, i so hope this is right....i'll let you guys know in 2 weeks thats when i'm finding out.....good luck to yall.. :)

candice Gray

well i can say it didnt work for me on my first as it said boy and i had a beautiful baby girl, second time it said girl and it was correct. this time it said boy and i am indeed having a baby boy!!! so happy! family is complete!x


hello friends this chart or any other might be positive for few people but not for was saying it will be a boy but I have my another sweet little pink pie..happily ever after.....I would say after whatever prediction going to be you are going to forget whole wide world after baby borne anyway.....


Ok, so I'm pregnant with number 4 and thought I would test it on my last three children. Results: Baby 1 - Chart predicted girl - Correct! Baby 2 - Chart predicted boy - Wrong! Baby 3 - Chart predicted boy - Wrong! Baby 4 - Chart predicts a boy....we'll have to see;)


I am having another baby.... Still dont know yet... It said it would be a boy... However there are lots of these charts and they are actually all different & it was incorrect for my first two and I have two girls and it said I would have one of each... But I guess it is just for fun but nothing to rely on... Have fun Mommies!!!


hello friends can anyone tell me please that what age and month should we consider when we follow this chart


hiyi it worked for my first child he was a boy im pregnant agian it says ill have a girl this time, ill have to wait and see...


it worked for my son, who's 3 and I'm preggers now. I had an ultrasound today and I'm having a girl. So yes again it worked. Just remember it's how old you'll be when you give birth, not how old you were when you conceived.


Well it said my first child would be a girl - he's a boy! And that my second child would be a boy - she's a girl! lol


said i shud have a boy.. am actually havin a girl


it worked out that i was ment to have a boy but i didnt i had a lovely wee girl now im due the same time again and it says ill have a boy but we will have to wait and see

valerie Bays

says I should have 2 boys, 2 girls..........i have 4 boys!


It is right for me.It predicted I'd have a boy & indeed I do have a son!


My age and conception month predicts that I should have 2 boys!!!.... I actually have 2 girls!!


Yep its right, the chart said I was having a boy and I am indeed expecting a son!


hello friends could please anyone tell me how to look this chart? I mean my wife born on 11/08/1981 according to this she was 28 on LMP date 21/01/10, now I dont know that should I see age 28 or 29 in above chart...please let me know....give due date is 28/10/2010........................many many thanks


It was right for me. It said I was having a boy and Im having a boy in October!

saurabh patil

My wife birth date is 22nd Dec. 1975 and our baby conceived during month of December. This is second child pregnancy of my wife. We have one boy aged is 3.5 years.Which year we have to see 34 or 35? Please check and give your result to above mail ID.


It Said My Sister Is Going To Have A Boy We Shall Find Out Tomoz :)

nicole ellitts

it is right for me it told me i was having a girl and i am.


I'm trying this out for the first time :) says im having a girl, but we'll see, i find out tomorrow :)


i will be 23 in 2011 and it says here it will be a boy i hope it really work,my due date is on feb


yes this was right for both my children

marie bragais

this chart worked for me. My first baby was a boy.Now I am 1 month pregnant, and the chart says it's a girl!...^_^

Amber may 22

This is the most wrong chart. My husband and I are expecting our 8th child. This was wrong for every single one of my children except for my 3 year old. The one I am expecting now the chart says is a girl, we just found out by ultrasound we are having a boy.


well there are 10 kids (not all mine) in the family and each time my nan got out this chart and it has been right everytime... says this time we will have a girl.. will wait and see


it worked for my first two, i had a boy, then a girl, it is saying that i will have a girl again on my third, but the scan said that im having a boy again, so will wait and see what i have, only 5 weeks 3 days left to go


I want to know that the age in the 1st column of chart represents Boy (Husband) or Girl (Wife) age? and Month represents that month of got pregnancy?


Well the chart is 100% spot on with my first two who were both boys im now pregnant with my 3rd and the chart is saying i will have a little girl i hope its right this time aswell would love a little girl and would be first girl in my fiances family in 25 years :) x x x


well the chart was right for me jus came back from my scan today like i said(23rd March 2011) n m having a BOY again............woohooooooo!!!!


So if your 21 you have a one in twelve chance of having a boy?? LOL what rubbish.


last year i checked the chinses chart and it said i was having a girl and it turned out i di hav a girl and im pregnant again and it says this time im having a boy i even took their test and it also says most likely im having a boy!!! YAY!!


my baby's due on my birthday so not sure how old i'll be first girl was early second late so i'll wait and see


100 % correct,im having a little girl,the first one in 87 years (on my husbands side) believe it or not,so happy!


it was correct for my first one i had a boy his 1yr now n now m preggers again the chart says it's gonna be a boy again well m having my 20weeks scan on the 23rd of march 2011 n i'l keep u guys updated if m having another boy.


spot on 100%. with all three of my children


this has been rite with my last 3 children it say my 4th is going to be a boy i really hope it rite this time too i will find ot on the 24 of feb so i will comment again when i know to see if it been rite with this one finger cross xx

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

It's amazing how spookily accurate this tool is - it has correctly predicted all the goodtoknow babies so far!


5/5 for the kids I know!


This chart was spookily inaccurate for all my 5 children. I have 1 daughter and 4 sons, but the chart has it as 1 son and 4 daughters. I wouldn't bother to use this as a reliable predictor at all.

Anna goodtoknow Family

I love this chart - it's proved spookily accurate in my family! I have 3 nephews and a niece and it was correct for all of them, as well as my own daughter and my unborn son!


it says its a girl....but am carrying twins, do i expect twin girls. my next scan is in a should have an option for for twins


hello anybody tell me that my wife date of birth is 26-03-1986,conceived in the month of June 2010,last LMP date given is 27-03-2011,what is my wife's age? pls reply


the chart has given me the result i want. i followed the instructions above which said 'look at the age ull be wen u give birth and then look at the month in which u concieved the baby. so that is age 22 and dec which means girl..... please b correct!!!! i dont understand wht this chart is different to the other chinese chart, on the other one it ses u add a year on to ur age and then u have to calculate the chinese month which for me it went back a month????????? help i dont get it.....

Dr. Raaj

Thanks dear.. it really works... Thanks to Allah


Nine months ago I was predicted a girl and yesterday it proved right!


well like i said last time...... this chart was right for my firs predicted a boy and i have a 4 year old boy.... this time predicted a girl and i've just got my ultrasound done and guess what...IT IS A once again this time worked for me.... :)


this didnt work for me, for my 1st pregancy it said i was having a boy and i had a girl and on this pregancy it says im having a girl and im having a boy


Was wrong on my first ,according to the calendar I should have had a boy.


yeapp I got pregnant on valentine's day, and it s a boyyyy as the chart shows...way too spooky :) I ll try the second one with this chart on hand, wish me luck :)


I'm 17 and I conceived in February, however I'm guessing the ancient chinese didn't cater for younger mums (Which is odd because people got pregnant a whole lot earlier back then :S) So yeah I'm left to guess for another 15 weeks or so:(

Gemma Chandler

Be sure to let us know if the Chinese birth predictor got it right!


With my 1st pregnancy it's spot on hopefully its spot on with my 3rd as we are hoping its a girl :) x

sam price

never done this before with my other two. says i'm having a girl this time can't wait for tomorrow to see if its right


correct for both of my children haha spooky

Fidelma Fitzharris Byrne

It was right for both mine even though it was 19 yrs since my 2nd and for my1st 22 yrs ago.....thats so weird.

ginger biscuit

Right with my mum who had three girls, right with me, girl and boy, waiting for a special arrival very soon..... we'll see ........ can't wait!

Sylva Geffroy

2 wrong out of 3 in my case

Amy-louise Drinkell

It's right for me :) freaky XD found out last friday n he's definitely a boy :)

Erikia Craun

This seems to be right for my first 2 we will see with this one.

Inge Hooper

This said boy for my first...correct. and is saying girl this time. Il have ti wait 2 more months to find out for sure though! this is also right when I put in my mums info for me and my brother so 3/4 guesses right so far!

Steopher Nancy

my first 2 babies were predicted right, but with this pregnancy it said girl and im having a boy... i was so sure it would be a girl because it had worked for me with my first 2 pregnancies but this time it didn't.. so i dont believe in this anymore:(

Amy Howell

It's right for my oldest and youngest but acording to this my son should have been a girl, glad I didn't have 3 girls. It's also right for my mum with me but not for my brother.

Awadh Sharma

Its Awesome!

A Varley

This was right for both my children so will see if its right again this time.


it was right about my 1st two both boys this time it says ill have a girl find out if it is at my 20 week scan :):)


Wrong for my first one, right for my second... let's see. Says I can expect my 3rd child to be a boy, will let you know

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

Apparently I'm expecting a boy. I'll let you know in about 6 months if it's true!


I first Saw this in Mother and Baby magazine and was really amazed by its accuracy, I have 5 children all with 3 year gaps between them and it was right for all of them.


This is wrong for both my kids, so not relying on it to be right this time lol


Well this was right for DD and this time its showing as a boy, which would be prefect but as we are not finding out the sex I will have to wait until Dec to find out :( I have been thinking boy since the start!

Teen Mom

Ugh... this is so annoying! Couldn't the Chinese modify it!! There IS a chance of getting pregnant under the age of 18 ya know!


It really works..110% right for me and my sisters ,cousins and friends..I concieved my baby girl in April and I was 28yrs at that time and I had a baby girl that is true according to this chart. If you want correct answer then calculate your age correctly and exactly not estimately. I mean how many yearys and months old r u?not just calcute with year u were born .Good luck!!


never done this before and am so exticed to find out my birth date is sep 10,1993 last period was around feb 20,2013 due date nov 27,2013 is it a boy or girl???


why why why


My dob is feb 5th 1989 my conceived date is May 13th 2013 pleas tell me if im having a boy or girl


no because I'm due on nov 7 2013 and i'm from 1992 and i'm having a boy.


yup just checked back on my daughter who was conceived in june when I was 24 it says F


My date of birth is may 2nd 1985 my due date is December 31st am I having a boy or girl I conceived in the month of April last period was in the end of march!


date of birth 7th January 1984 my last mensuration date was 27 April 2013 I'm having boy or girl


u will have baby boy sure if its will be true give me a party


Yes This is true

mum to be

strange but checked it on my family members and look like 100% accurate so far. hopefully I will get a girl now as it says :D


My date of birth is 18th April 1987 and my last mensuration date in 13th April 2013. Please let me know I will have baby boy or baby girl...


my date of birth is 4th September, 1980, my last mensuration date is 27th March 2013, can you please tell me whether i am carrying a cute boy or a sweet girl.


I've checked this on at least 10 people, including friends and family and its been right every time! As long as you go on the "conception date/month", not on "first day of last period" (as that isnt the conception date - its approx 14 days after that depending on your cycle) I also checked it on the bub I lost last year and it was correct. According to this, I have a little girl on the way! Watch this space :-)


Did this with both my pregnancies..No 1 concieved in September '08 born 25th June 2009 ... A girl Isabella Sophia Emily 8lb 7oz! No2 conceived August '10 born 7th May 2011...A girl Megan Olivia Christine 10lbs!! Hoping to conceive around the time I'm thirty so according to this I have a fairly strong chance of having a little boy this space!! :)


2 correct and 1 wrong for my babies looking at the chart. I think Kate will be having a boy. They both might name him Edward Charles William.


date of birth 9th dec 1985 the chart is right for I first girl wrong for my 2nd girl so can u tell me if I'm having boy or girl last mensuration date was 4 April 2013 thanks


my birth date is 7 dec 1990 im due 10 july ist a boy or girl?


A Little Girl !


A Little Boy !


Worked for me.


my date of birth is 11th March 1983 and my last mensuration date is 25 march 2013 please say i will have girl or boy..........?


my date of birth is 6th November 1990 and my last mensuration date is 28th march 2013 please say i have girl or boy


i have a girl and my date of birth is 4th march 1982 when i get a boy please tell


this was wrong for me :-)


was right with my first and second i have 2 girls this time saying im having a boy i really hope its right this time got my 20 week scan in 3 days so will soon no.


ok daughter 17 and will be still 17 when baby due may 8th 2014 that age is not on chart can you help me


i was born in october 1989..can u please tell me what is my age according to chinese birth calender and in which age line i should check?.

Paramjit Singh





my date of birth is 8th feb 1985 and my last mensuration date is 20th April 2013 please say i have girl or boy


Yep your right it's a boy


this chart for english age check or chinese age please sent me


Iam born on jan 5th 1987 and conceived around september 20th due date is june 11th 2014..can u please say my baby will be a boy or girl ..this is my first kid


Dis chart is realy true last year whn I nd my sister wer pregnant d chart showd it'll b a boy nd dis year I waz blessd wit my son , thank u very much fr dis chart


my date of birth is 20 sep 1982 i already have 1 baby girl, now again my period is not coming on sep and i need baby boy


Has been spot on with my two girls, will see again if it works but so far spot on.


I was born Aug 25,1987 and my due date is Oct 4,2013 can some please help me how to read calendar

Hazel Lee

I try It and it says I'm going to have a Baby Boy. I'm exited. Can wait to see if it's right! : )

tiger terry

Well Well it sounds like u maybe having a girl and then maybe another boy Congratulations on the baby 2


I have just put in my last 2 kid's info and its right. hope this is a girl.... im 21 weeks and 3'days, I find out in 2more days. GIRL hopefully!!!

Sue Wright

Oh my goodness - checked the chart and all 5 of my children were predicted correctly! Pity they got Kate Middleton's wrong though!


completely wrong 3 times


its correct with my first child.. lets see if it is with my second.. :)






yay im happy for you calender says im having a girl. hopefully i do!!


if you are 17 you cannot do it??

philomena kabsa

mine went true 4 me n im very happy

Johanna Deakin

Both my lunar age & month as well as my Gregorian age & month say I'll be having a girl.. I guess we'll see..

Johanna Deakin

Try using your lunar age.?

avantika sharma

answer me please

avantika sharma

Hey Hi please tell am i having boy or girl my DOB is 4th nov 1988 and my last mensuration date is 11th august 2013. tell me please


hi, am almost 35 weeks pregnant so did this chart for a laugh as i already knew i was having a boy, the chart also came up with a boy aswell so it got mine right!!

Gemma Chandler

Hi Flo, the birth predictor thinks you're expecting a little girl! Let us know if it gets it right! x

Gemma Chandler

Hi Ritu Our Chinese birth predictor says you're having a girl! Be sure to let us know if it was right!

Leela Patil

my date of birth is 18 April 1987. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy.


Hi! my date of birth is 5th March 1986 and my last mensuration date is 21st November 2013 please say i have girl or boy


Wrong! Says Im having a girl and I had my sono today and its a boy.


i was born on 7th september 1985. it means 24 Bhadra 2042 BS.I already have one daughter.Now i wanna have son so say me the correct date to due .recently i need the date

Leela Patil

My date of birth is 18th April 1987 and my last mensuration date was 18th Dec 2013. Which month I need to conceive to get boy. Please help me...


wrong for my first one, i was 30 and gave birth in may 2012, this chart says i should've had a girl but i had a boy!


Hi I was born on 1978 march 12th and and my last mensuration date is 6th November 2013. Kindly tell me girl or boy

Flo LovinPrincessmyra Ellis

My birthday is.sept 28 due june 20 what do you predict+


My birth date is 21th july 1985.... my conceived date is december 2nd 2013 pleas tell me if im having a boy or girl

Amber Dawn

The date was wrong with my first it said id have a girl i had a boy , now it says ill have a boy, i want a girl i hope its wrong agian!!!


Was wrong for my first I had a boys says girl, second rite. And the baby in my belly is unone hoping for a girl :-) but it's saying boy x


Both of my boys were right and it predicts our 3rd to be a girl fingers crossed xx


My birth date is 1 may 1987. I have a girl. My LMP date is 26 Aug 2013 plz say i have boy or girl


My wife birthday is 6th february 1987...can You tell me when to conceive to have a boy? thanks


i have two child. i check it my two child conceived month it's true ************good**********


My DOB is 10th May 1984 & my last mensuration is on Sept 12 2013... Can you pls tell me if I'm having boy or girl?


My Lmp is 16 Sep pl tell boy or girl my DOB is 12 Aug 1983


Date of birth 12August1983 month of conception October/November2013 Please let me know


hai friend how is ur new born baby i think boy baby


hi my date of birth is 19 sept 1985 and my last mensuration was july 14th 2013, can u tell me if am having a boy or a girl?


Hi my date of birth is 5 august 1988 and my last menstrual is 14 jan 2014 can I know my baby gender please


HI My D.O.B. is 2nd june 1985 & my due date is 23 sep 2014. Pls tell me that m having having a baby boy or not.


my date of birth december 22 , 1988. Age - 25 , LMP- november 25 th 2013. plz tell my baby male or female. my name Ajitha


I have to say, my friends and I looked at what this says we were supposed to have (6 kids total) and all but 1 was wrong. You're probably better off flipping a coin.


Hi Gemma My dob is 2 april 1984, months for baby boy in 2014...many thanks.Xx


my friend date of birth is 04 January 1988. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy.


my birth day 14/04/1987 and my due date is 25/8/2014. can you tell me im having girl baby or boy baby?

Rita Maharjan

my date of birth is 1985 June 3rd I want a baby boy which Year and month i should conceive?


My date of Birth is 1985 June 3rd. i want baby boy which month should i conceive.


i have a girl and my date of birth is 8th march 1984 when i get a boy please tell


My birthday June 8 1980 due is November let me know please

Rita Maharjan

I didn't got any answer.


Hi every one , i got pregnant in december and im 25 years old ... Can some one help me to figure out my lunar age , i wanna know the sex of my baby , please ?

Rita Maharjan

My date of birth is 03 June1985. I already have 1 baby girl now which month is good to conceive to get baby boy?

rajkiran pawar

date of birth my wife 15-10-1985 and my last mensuration date is 5th jully 2013 please say i have girl or boy


Just did this for both my boys send it was correct. My birthday is 8-1-1981 and I will be 33 during the birth of my 3rd due date 10-10-14...does this mean girl or boy?


It worked for me...I am 36 and she was conceived in June so girl! :-)


Hie.... My DOB is 18 march 1990,i would like to know would be the gender of my kid if i get conceived in feb 2014. How to see the chart exactly? Please help me!!!! M hoping for a baby boy.

jahansy mary

My date of birth is 20th Dec 1983, nd i need a baby boy please suggest...


March,April,June, Sep,Nov, Dec.


my date is 19 june1984


never done this before says what can i do for boy this time which month is best for me


My birth date is 7th of July 86 and I am pregnant since December 2013.. is my baby girl or boy?


If this were true I'm sure the Chinese would be in abundance of boy babies Instead of getting rid of all the girl babies.


Whole lot of "HOG WASH". I have four children and none of these predictions are right.

arooj fatima

my date of birth 6 auguest 1989,last periods date 2 feb 2014


nope its wrong...


My birthday is 20th may 1990 , now what my age to watch this chart? 24 or 25 years??


My birthday is dec 17 1992 and i am one month pregnant i wanna know if its gone be a girl or boy i want a girl i have a boy!


my name arthi my date of birth 14 may 1989 my last period is on aug 1st 2014 i want to concevie on september can u tell me for me boy r girl


my birth date 4 june 2014 my last period june


aps is this calender works for indians also


My Birth date is 17th Nov 1989. My last mensuration date is 24th Dec 2013 please say if i have girl or boy




my date of birth is 10 may 1885 and my last mensuration was december 11th 2013 please say wheather it is girl or boy


My date of birth is 28 July 1985 and last period date is 24 July 2014, so Which month would be considered good to conceive for getting baby boy ?


my date of birth is 16-5-1981my last mensuration date is 28th April 2014 please say i have girl or boy


My date of birth 24th April 1992 and last mensuration date 13th April 2014 please say i have boy or girl


My birth date is 6th September 1987.... my conceived date is Feb 6th 2015 pleas tell me if i m having a boy or girl

Jose A Talavera

my baby was conceived in May and ill be 21 when my baby is born my due date is February 2

Jose A Talavera

did u find out


my date of birth is 16th august 1989 and my last mensuration date is 1th february 2014 please say i have girl or boy


my date of birth is 10th March 1987. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy.

ranj k

my date of birth is 24 August 1981. Which month in 2014 is good to conceive to get baby boy.

ranj k

my date of birth is 24 August 1981. Which month in 2014 is good to conceive to get baby boy.


does it change threw years and if you want a baby boy do you have to get pregnant on a female or male or dies it not matter as i do not want a baby boy


Hello... ...My b'date is 13th Oct.1980 & my LMP is 09th April 2014... ... What will I have a baby boy or girl?

Niranjan Gautam

lado kha ma chikni haru......barhai mahina chik..j parla parla


my date of birth is 10th December 1992 and my last mensuration date is 6th April 2014 please say i have girl or boy


my date of birth is 10th dec 1992 last mensuration date is 6th April 2014 please say i have boy or girl


My Date of birth is 2 September 1986, so which month is good to conceive Baby Boy!!Please Help.

shital dutta

i was born on 5th feb 1979 nd my last period date was 16th march 2014


It was correct with my first! I had a little boy :) Now, it is saying I'll have a girl.. I'll update you all in a few weeks to let you know if it was right!

Lnu. Pr

Plz someone say something

Lnu. Pr

M mother of two daughters and really really want a baby boy......m presently birthday is August 21,1981 and my last menustrual period was August 4, I have any chances of a boy??????


I birth date is 20th Sep 1985. Already have baby girl and planning for second baby. When we can plan for baby Boy?

Tlotlego Motebe

Huuuu its says it's a boy i can't wait for next year..


It says I'm going to have a boy sure do hope so my fingers cross

shalu k

my date of birth is 1 feb 1990 I want a baby boy which Year and month i should conceive?


my date of birth is 31st March 1991 and my last mensuration date is 5th August 2014 please say i have girl or boy


my date of birth is 1st April 1985 and my last mensuration date is 28th January 2014 please say i have girl or boy.


I'm 16 my age isn't up there no fair


hai my date of birth is 6th December 1989, my last period was 28th February 2014, so please say which baby i am having?


my date of birth is 1st April 1985 and my last mensuration date is 28th January 2014 please say i have girl or boy.


my birth date was 03.07.1982 and my last mensuration date is11th july 2014 please say i have girl or boy


hi my date of birth is 18th oct 1987, and LMP is 22 Feb 2014.. so can someone please tell me its boy or girl ??


my date of birth is 1st November 1991 and my last mensuration date is 9th june 2013 please say i have girl or boy


my birth date is 4th March 1985 due date is 13 January 2014 is a boy or gal


my birthday is July 5th 1985. and i am due in feb... i conceived my little one in May...pls tell me if i will have a girl or a boy


This is crazy. Especially since i was skeptical of this, true for me, my brother, and my friend's baby. :O


hi was born on the 23 September 1987 my baby is due in January I having a baby girl or boy?


birth date is 10/9/1987 and period mensuration 10/8/14 so when to have sex so i get boy.


when to have sex with my wife


hoew to check

Ami Trivett

How can people check with their family members unless they know when the baby in question was CONCEIVED not born. Surely only you your partner and the drs will know that? !


my date of birth is 19th sep 1979 my last lmp date is 19th february 2015 i have a boy i m pregnant say i have girl or boy


My DOB 22 April 1986 and my last date was 8 April 2015 please say i have boy or girl

Azmi Fareed

my date of birth is 21st August 1986 and my last mensuration date is 25th August 2015 please say i have girl or boy


My birthday is 27th September 1991 and my last menstruation date was 22nd August 2015 please say i have a girl or boy


I have a baby girl. When i conceived i was 29 and month was june. Acc to 29yrs i have a girl child but it says that we should consider our age when we r going to deliver. In my case that would have been 30 and so the prediction doesnot hold true. I am pregnant again how to look at it now. My age is 30 n month is july


my d.o.b is 9.11.1977..and last mensuration date is 23 june 2015..please say i have girl or boy

Mezabin Mavji

My birth date is 25th june 1984 and my last mensuration date is 10th may 2015 please say i have a girl or boy


So im trying to figure out, does this mean you're the age already or like about to be? For example if i get pregnant and im 26 but my birthday is a few months away from being 27 would i go off 26yrs or 27yrs old? Please respond Trying to figure out for future planning, thank you


my date of birth is 12th March 1987 and my last mensuration date is 12th march 2015 please say i have girl or boy?


it said that its a boy so exided


I was born in June 1982 my last mins was February 10 what I have boy or girl


my date of birth is 01 january 1992. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy.


my date of birth is 18 April 1987. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy.


my birthday 12/25/82 my due date is 8/9/15

rena t

my birthday is dec 25 n my lmd is nov 8


Just had scan at 22 weeks and told 80% it's a boy. Chart confirms it too so I guess I'm buying blue :)

sangita jha

my date of birth is 16 November 1989 and my last mensuration date is 1 January 2015


my date of birth june 6 1988. my last mensuration date sep 28 2014. plz anyone can help me to find my baby's gender?


My due date is august 10 , 2015 and my birthday is December 21 , 1993 what am having ?


The calendar was incorrect with my first child. This pregnancy I was supposed to have a boy and I sure hope it's correct this time.


my date of birth is 9 jan 1986. Which month is good to conceive to get baby boy

shamna santhosh

Hello Friend ..........My date of Birth is 9 October, to conceive a baby boy.....please help me


my date of birth is 24th May 1987 and my last mensuration date is 26th Oct 2014 please say i have girl or boy




I have tryed so many different Chinese calendars and they all been telling me different results some say boy and some say girl so what am I to believe

Antara Anika

my age is 22. i have conceived on september 11,2017...please say if i am having a boy or a girl?

amaradasa rathnayake

my date of birth is 12th December 1978 and my last mensuration date is 30th june 2017 please say i have girl or boy

Renuka Shinde

My date of birth is 10 december 1985 and my last mensuration date is 20 march 2017 pls check i have boy or girl? Reply Pls


I am 25 my birthday is 18.01.1992 I conceived in march what will I have 😊

Pinder Toor

My date of birth is 26/7/1986 my last period date is 18 / 1/17 plz tell me I have boy or girl

Pinder Toor


Sarath Gutta

My date of birth is 25th November 1998 and my last mensuration date 25 November 2016 please say I have girl or boy


Can.expect a little girl


Little boy...:-)


Hii my dob is 24april 1991 and I hadmy last menstruation on 14oct.2016 & for now at 21weeks my baby's heart rate is 158bpm....what should I expect girl or boy?


Its showing that I for a baby boy.. Is it correct or not?

Manisha Dabas

my last period date Dec 03, 2016 & my DOB 4th April 1984. pls tell.. m having a boy or girl


my date of birth is 30 December 1982 and my last mensuration date is 17th Sep. 2016, i want to know i am having boy or girl.


my date of birth is 1984 April 4th I want a baby girl which Year and month i should conceive?


Hi My date of Birth is 14 March 1990 and my last mensuration date is 28th October 2016. Please girl or boy


My dob is 14-09-88 My last periods date is 19-03-16 I want to know the gender of my baby

ratika pahwa

My date of birth is 8nov,1988 n my last menstruation date is 28feb,2016. So tell me I m having boy or a girl.


My date of birth is 01/29/1999 Last ministration was 04/27/16 ... Pliz help I wanna know what I'm having already (:


Date of birth is 10/10/1985 and already have a daughter and now last mensuration date is 10th may2016. What to expect ?

Audrey Pua

Hi is this real?? My last period is 27 May 2016, dob is 22 Jan 1988. Is a boy or girl?

babita sharma

my date of birth is 30 may 1984 and my lmp date 11april 2016 please say i have girl orboy


Hi I will like to no what I am having


my date of birth is 22july and my last period was 15 september,pls am i having boy or girl?


Mine was correct


My date of birth is 25 Sep 1982 my last period date is 5th Oct 2015 what baby can I expect

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