19 dachshunds who’ll never forgive their owners for this festive ridicule

It’s not easy being a dachshund at Christmas.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that your belly is permanently mere millimetres from the floor, your Christmas-crazed owners have to come along and draw attention to your small sausageness by dressing you up in some ridiculous and downright humiliating festive get-up.

And then they go and post the evidence on the internet! Damn those humans.

Here are 19 times dachshund owners have taken their Christmas addiction several steps too far…

Image: Pinterest/thefancy.com
‘Look, if you’ve put him in that ridiculous hat then I’m pretty sure you’ll have put something equally as ridiculous on my head too?’
‘It’s a pair of antlers. Isn’t it.’

Image: Pinterest/jojotastic.com
‘No, I’m not asleep, I am deliberately not talking to you on account of THIS jumper.’

Image: Pinterest/betterphoto.com
‘What do you mean “Look at his cute little face”? This is quite obviously my “Take this off me right now before I get really mad” face?’

Image: Pinterest/imgur.com
‘Do not be fooled by the dreamy setting and my cute face. Inside I am positively seething with anger at this headgear.’

Image: Pinterest/funny-games.biz
‘Why do I have to suffer the perils of a scarf when this guy gets away with just a hat? As if this whole situation wasn’t unfair enough… ‘

Image: Pinterest/everyonelovesadachshund.com
‘I have zero interest in your cute photo opportunity, remove this festive rubbish or the tree gets it.’

Image: Pinterest/flickr.com/photos/jillbeninato
‘What is it with you humans and wrapping us up in Christmas lights? I’m pretty sure this breaks several fire safety regulations… ‘

Image: Pinterest/heartstringsphotograhpy
‘Sorry, what’s that? You want to wrap me in Christmas lights AND shove me in a ridiculous hat? Brilliant. Just. Brilliant.’

Image: Pinterest/BrittanyRutherford
‘I might be small and ridiculously adorable, but inside I’m brimming with rage at this crime against my personal style.’

Image: Pinterest/cuteoverload.com
‘Sticking me on a festive blanket and under the tree does not make up for the horror you’re putting me through.’

Image: Pinterest/miniature-dachshund.com
‘Lads, keep your eyes firmly closed if you know what’s good for you, otherwise they’ll be back with Christmas jumpers too’

Image: Pinterest/CarlaAntoinette
‘I am not, nor have I ever been, “Santa’s Helper”, and if you don’t tell him I will.’

Image: Pinterest/snowflake-kitten.tumblr
‘So let’s get this straight, you put us in these horrendous hats and then put us in a box so we can’t do anything about it?’

Image: Pinterest/oscarnmayer.com
‘Anyone know the RSPCA’s number perchance?’

Image: Pinterest/buro247.ru
‘If I wake up to find they’ve put that ridiculous bow back on my head, there’ll be hell to pay.’

Image: Pinterest/AmyHetz
‘You have approximately 5 seconds to take this off me before I wee on the sofa.’

Image: Pinterest/paintandpowderstore.com
‘Yes yes, very funny. Not as funny as when you realise I’ve licked every Christmas biscuit on that plate though…’

Image: Pinterest/ammothedachshund.com
‘Please, take as many pictures as you like, I’m using this valuable time to plot my revenge against you.’

Image: Pinterest/SimplySpiff
‘This jumper is SO not my colour and for that, I will never forgive you.’