Getting your toddler to behave: Tips 1-5

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15 Tips that really work

1. Praise them. So many toddlers throw 'temper tantrums' just to get attention. At this age, your child is just beginning to test the boundaries you're setting and learning 'right' from' wrong'. The key is to give them lots of your attention with hugs and praise when they're behaving well, but try to ignore them when they're having a hissy fit. They'll soon realise that screaming and shouting will get them nowhere, and it's a much better tactic than bribing them with sweets or treats.

2. Try diversion tactics. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a temper tantrum is to distract your child. They can wind themselves up into such a rage that they don't even remember what they were angry about in the first place! Of course, the worst temper tantrums always seem to happen in public places like the supermarket or when you're eating out. First try to take them away from the situation and 'talk them down' calmly. If that doesn't work try distraction tactics such as ' Oh, look at that aeroplane/ let's go and find the cereals for breakfast tomorrow'.

3. Hold them tight. If your little one has spiralled into a really frenzied temper tantrum, sometimes holding them tightly to you can calm them. Soothe them by talking to them gently.

4. Avoid temper tantrums starting in the first place by avoiding situations that often cause them, for instance when your child is tired, bored or frustrated. Make up a 'temper tantrum' kit with favourite toys, books, comforters, drinks and snacks and keep it to hand.

5. Listen to your little one. We all have busy lives and it's easy to get distracted at times. But if your child is trying to tell you something or show you something they've done, they'll soon stop bothering if you dismiss them or say 'that's nice' without really looking and will probably start playing up. Make time to interact with them properly. Get down on their level, look them in the eye when you talk to them and make them feel special.

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I thought it was very interesting and good advice. I work in a nursery so any info is good for me.

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