Getting your toddler to behave: Tips 6-10

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Toddler having a tantrum
6. Stay positive. Don't keep telling them what you don't want them to do or use negative language such as 'you're naughty'. That can knock their confidence. Instead, be positive and tell them what you do want them to do such as: 'I want you to help me tidy up,' instead of ' I don't want you to make a mess again.'

7. Put yourself in their shoes. Just because they're your child, don't expect them to behave just as you did at their age. Try to understand their personality, their likes and dislikes and tailor your discipline to your child.

8. Be consistent. Yes, sometimes it is really difficult not to give in to a tantrum. Life seems easier all round if you let them have those sweets or that toy. But try to be consistent about your rules and boundaries, so that your toddler knows that you mean what you say.

9. Just say NO. Your child may try to push your limits to test you. They want to know their boundaries to see how secure their world is. So saying no really is often the kindest thing and what they want and need

10. Don't make threats? if you can't carry them out, as this will just encourage your child to keep pushing to find the real boundary. Telling them they can't watch TV if they don't stop misbehaving, then allowing them to 10 minutes later just gives your toddler mixed messages and they'll get confused.

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