Basic first aid: Burns

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Child Burns

The key to treating burns is to act quickly, not only to soothe the pain but to give the burn the best chance of recovery. 


See our 3-step burn treatment routine below and our basic first aid advice article for more help with treating common accidents like cuts, scrapes and allergic reactions.


Also be aware of other summer heat safety issues associated with hot weather, not only should you be keeping your child's skin safe from the sun, but also be aware of hot surfaces like metal play equiptment and metal on your kids' car seats.


How to treat burns, fast


1. Hold the area under cold water for at least 10 minutes. This makes the swelling go down and cools the skin.

2. Take off all their clothing apart from any clothes which are stuck to the burn.

3. Make a sterile dressing from clean clingfilm or a clean, non-fluffy cloth. And put over the burn. This keeps it moist and will help it heal.

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- Top tip: If the burn happens to a child under 3, or is larger than the palm of their hand they should be taken to hospital.


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Sources and advice:
St John Ambulance

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