Basic first aid: Falls

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Girl sat with her mum after having a fall

Keep an eye on your child for at least 48 hours after the accident, and go to the doctor or the hospital if you notice problems with co-ordination or speaking, dizziness, or if they complain about having blurred vision.


1. If your child's knocked out, even if it's not for a long time, cover their body with a blanket to reduce the chances of them going into shock, then call 999.

2. Look for signs of a fractured skull such as unequal pupils in their eyes, bleeding from the ear or clear fluid running from the nose.

3. Check for swelling or limbs sticking out at an unusual angle. If you think a bone's broken, keep it still while you wait for an ambulance but wrap it with towels to support it.

4. If you can't see any broken bones or you don't think they've got a head or neck injury, put them in the recovery position.

5. If they're conscious and there are no obvious signs of serious injury apply a cold compress made from a cloth dipped in water to the areas that were hit for 10 minutes to help with the swelling.

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St John Ambulance

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