Pregnancy quiz: Am I pregnant?

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There are lots of signs you can look out for if you think you may be pregnant. Take our simple quiz and get closer to the truth.

We'll ask you about some of the common signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The results will be able to give you a clearer idea whether you might be pregnant or not.

From needing to go to the bathroom more frequently to finding you're getting increased leg cramps, we've rounded up the tell-tale signs. Ready to get started? Click the image below to give the quiz a go.

Am I pregnant? Time to take the quiz!

Pregnancy is a hugely exciting time for lots of women so if you are happily pregnant then you've lots to look forward to, from pregnancy announcements and gender reveals announcements to baby name ideas and first birthday cakes. One thing's for sure - however you choose to tell the world and whatever you decide to name your baby this is sure to be one of the most amazing periods of your life.

All of the symptoms we've been describing are side-effects of being pregnant but every woman, and every pregnancy she has, is different. So it's important to look carefully at what's going on with your body to make sure either way. If you answered yes to the majority of our questions, there's quite a good chance you may be pregnant. To be sure you must get a pregnancy test from your local chemist, or visit your doctor.

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For some women the idea of pregnancy can be a challenge. If you think it might be too early to tell from a home test, but you'd like to know, call your local clinic to make an appointment for pregnancy blood test and find out more about your options and the support available to you on on

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Asin Mehra

your destiny wnt b so gud f u kep havin sex dis early..God giv som brains to these little grls!


Seriously why do little girls even think of having sex? God..hop u grls get some brains soon!

Fiona and Douglas Bishop

Your 12.......and i would say yes without a doubt your pregnant. First off go get a pregnant test. 2 Tell your parents. 3. Find a doctor to go to. At 12 your just a kid and will need help to give the baby the much care it needs. I personally would adopt baby out. Well unless your parents want to raise him/her as their own. The other thing you need to do is to start to use precaution. No sex at your age is the best. If you are going to be having sex at your tender age. YOU NEED TO BE ON THE PILL. Plus he needs to use a CONDOM.


hey everyone i feel like my stomach is bloated and somethin is moving inside im late for my period and usualy my cycles are mixed up i could have it early or end of the month but im bit scared and its been happenin since this mornin wen me and my bf had sex i felt his semen inside me and i thought that was normal and ever since that ive felt like im pregnant


you are deff. to to young to be thinking about that!, wow lil girls these days havin sexx are you out of your freakin mind!!

Charlotte Gunn

Hi Destiny, it's important you take a pregnancy test. You can buy one from any chemist or supermarket or visit your local family planning clinic and they will be able to help you and offer you some advice and tell you if you are pregnant or not. If you do feel like you can confide in a friend or relative, I think it would be a good idea to have someone else involved to help you with this.


hi my name is destiy i am14 and i think i am prgo idk tho i was 13 and had a miscarrgied bu i had sex with my cuzins bf and no protechion wat so ever could i be prgo or not


hey my name is gia im 16 and i think im pregnat...i hope not... i havent gotten my period for a month i took two tests already but they negative idk me n my guy have alot of unprotected sex, infact we dont use anything at all, we use the pull out method..... and about a month and a week ago me and my guy did it and i was expecting my period but i never got one i still haven gotten it and i always have lower back pain i dont puke or feel like i want to but i have noticied i pee alot more n i have real bad moodswings......could i be pregnant? i luv kids but i i dont want any rite na ready


Ok so I'm 15 and my fiance is 19.. we have sex a lot, and well the last time I have had my perios was about a month and a half ago.. I talked to my neighbor about it and she told my mom calmly, so my neighbor got me a pregnancy test, it was a little cheap 1 dollar one, it turned up negative, well i still havny had my perios, its been a week since the test, I'm feeling really moody, I get mad real easily, then I cry, then I'm fine, then I have been eating 2 lunches at school instead of one, I usually dont even eat a full one, umm I have this crampy feeling in my stomache but its not cramps, I read online that in the early months you get a horrid feeling like that when your uterus is expanding for your baby to form.. my stomache is getting a bit bigger, but i dont even think I'm a month into the pregnancy, so I'm bloating hardcore, and one thing that scares me is that I smoke, I'm trying to quit for me and the "baby" so if you have any suggestions or if you can help me with anything hit me up :) Please and thanks


Any helppp? Please I pee a lot my stomach hurts really bad. I feel bigger and fater I get headaces sometimes. I don't feel good at all. I eat A LOT more than usally and don't get full right away and other stuff could I behh pregohh?

kayla harris

hey guys i was wondering in anyone could help me out im 18 and my fiance is 21 we have been trying for a baby for nearly 4years now and iv never fallen pregnant :( when is the best time to get caught pregnant? my fiance smokes cannabis but i dont think thats a problem beacuse his friend smokes alot more than him and he manged to get his girlfriend pregnant. its getting me really down pleaseplease can someone help me thanks kayla x


Hey my names Lynly and im 12 also Jessica(have a friend ur age and name alol)and i sex with my bf abot 3-4months ago and the condom broke but i didnt worry cause ive heard that sometimes people dont get pregnant with the 1st time having sex anyways im having ALL the symptom almost like: 1.)having trouble sleeping 2.)weird cravings and i have no interest in my old favorite foods 3.)my stomach is getting bigger and it hurts 4.)sleepy during the middle of the day(and im usually really hyper) 5.)i missed my period 3 times 6.)i get cramps a lot more 7.)i throw up 8.)i gotta go pee a lot more 9.)i get headaches a lot more 10.)and my breasts r getting bigger and heavier so am i pregnant plz say no how an i going to tell my mom


I love pregnant girls.


Hi Jessica and Bobby, Just read your comments. Jessica, the chances of you being pregnant without having sex are very slim! A women only has 25-30% chance of getting pregnant in any given menstrual cycle! so seriously i wouldnt worry! There are a hell of a lot more symptoms when you are pregnant than being sick and weeing a lot. If you really think you are pregnant and then your body will start to give you symptoms to say you are(sub consicously) and they will only be the symptoms which you know are associated with pregnancy. But if you are really that worried just go to your doctors and they can give you advice and maybe even a test to check and they have to keep it confidential (between you and them). the parents are only notified if they believe there is a risk to the child but from the sounds of it in your case you will be fine. Bobby You dont usually bleed when you have sex unless it is your first time, but then some people dont bleed on there first time. The stomach cramps could just be cause you pulled a muscle during sex or maybe you are due on your period. but the symptoms for pregnany dont usually start until about 4 weeks into it. the best thing for you to do is to take a test if your period is a few days late. There is also options available to you if you are pregnant (abortion, adoption etc) but seriously i had a baby at 17 (which i know is a little older than you) but it hasnt really changed my life, i can still go out and do what i want. it isnt as hard or as bad as everyone makes it out to be. i dont advise it cause your still young but either way baby or not you can still live your life how you want to! Anyways hope that helped a little Laura x


Hey my names 14 years old and y-dai which was the 30th of july 2008 i had sex with my boyfriend...when we finished havin sex nd wen i got home i noticed stuff in my nickers it was white stuff but a lil not sure if any sperm went inside of me nd i didnt bleed wen i had sex...also once i had sex with him my belly started to hurt nd it last for bout 5mins nd then stopped. today my belly aches was gettin abit worser nd they was also only lastin for bout 5mins...i have been sleeping most of the day nd been feeling reli you think im pregnant...please help me i really need the help x Love Bobby x


my names jesica n im 12 going 2 b 13 yrs old n i think im pregant but i have never had sex b4 i swear 2 god i sometimes feel like throwing up n i'v been peeing a lot idk want b pregnant im 2 young n if i am wat am i going 2 do wat am i going 2 tell my prents wat r they going 2 do *cries* idk want 2 b pregnant HELP plz i like my life da way it is

Jaii Jaii x

Girls if your worrying about being pregnant wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test =D and if you are pregnant then its not the end of the world if it is unwanted.. but if you are worried then dont do your test to early as it wont work properley becauseit cant detect it, but if you done it and came on your period then still do one as there is still a chance of you still being pregnant so girlys dont worry still do a test =D if you are pregnant then just think your guna avee youwr own baby =D Loveeyaa x


hi im 19 i tuck 4 dip pregnancy test and they came bk positive then i tuck another 4 different type of test and they came back negative, im 1 too 2 month late i get pains in my stomach and havin abit of back ache i dont know what to think.


Hi I am 13 and I did get raped by my sisters bf I think I am pregnant because 1{I get sick every morning 2{my belly is bloated 3{my period is 3 weeks late so please help thnx


Hi the docs tell me I'm pregant but I have not played about or had any kind of sex what else could it be please I need answers !!!


had sex onn day 14 and 15 of my cycle, since day 16 to now day 18 i have been feeling sleepy all the time. could i be pregnant already?

maxine wellington

its very unlikely that you would get pregnant this way but to put your mind at ease take a test then at least you will o and put your mind at ease


very low lol

Charlotte Gunn

Hi Brittany, you should really buy a pregnancy test to tell for sure.


I'm Brittany and I had a period on November 14 had sex December 12 but no period am I pregnant


ok.. im 18 me n my fiancé have been together for over 3 years and we've always had un protected sex but I always went to the bathroom right after. well about 2 weeks ago I stopped going to the bathroom afterwards an just put my panties back on and went to bed well lately i've kinda felt really weird.... I guess I should say that I had my period 11/6/13 got off 4-5 days later then I had it AGAIN 11/29/13 and it is now dec 18 and still no period. my nipples are so sore I've had a ton more discharge and little cramps here and there I usually get all my weird stomach feelings at night.were kinda hoping were pregnant but not for sure.


My boyfriend and I were having foreplay, but he came while on the bed and semen got on the bed, I sat up not realizing, I had nothing on the bottom half and think I sat in the semen, I only felt it on my skin of butt cheek, but don't know if it could get anywhere else. I jumped up very quickly. My boyfriend took bed sheets off, as soon as they were off, he continued to finish me off with his fingers. What are the chances of pregnancy?


I fell sick after i eat and I have been sleeping a lot lot could i be pregnant?


hi my name is gina its been three days since i have had sex and i would like to koe if im pregnant he never cam in me but he told me to get the plan B pill just in case tho he didnt come for awhile am i pregant?


I am worried that I am pregnant. I'm 19 and just starting college, and had sex for the first time. It was unplanned and we didn't use protection. I am not on the pill, because I was planning on waiting until marriage. It was only a few days ago but I am so worried. I don't normally keep track of my periods because they have never been regular. Is there anything I can do to find out soon? And I don't want my parents to know, so I don't want to go to my doctor, but I do want to get on the pill in case it happens again. Someone please help.


its been forever and cant seam to get pregnant I have even tried the ovulation test and everything and still nothing am getting more and more depress as time goes by pls help


I was 16 and pregnant, Best thing to do is go to a doctor and get a test taken. It's the most accurate way. Believe me I was scared to death too. And balled while telling my mom, But if your not experiencing symptoms by now, you should be good.(:


I was16 and pregnant. the same exact thing happening to you, was with me. I took 4 tests and they came out negative, but that was only because I took them to early. After thinking everything was great and thinking I wasn't pregnant, my nipples began to get sore & I was throwing up every morning. I went to the doctor and took a test sure enough I was. My best advice to you, would be go get blood taken at doctors. That is the most accurate way.


i had sex 1 week ago but he pulled out, since then ive had some of the pregnancy symptoms like nasua, back aches, cramps, tender breasts diarrhea, mood swings, my period comes around the 15th and the 20th. i havent had it yet. am i pregnant?


same wit me


same here and i have bad cramps nt period bt it jus happen like dat


i had dat too but just mean i see my period idk if am pregnant


my name is aliva and i had sex wit a guy who u can say he can be my father he is 40 and i was wit him cuz he was so caring to me and i was living wit him and in times we had sex unprotected and nw we arent together and nt tlking cuz he didnt want me tlking to no other guyz and i did and he told me to leave so its like before dat we had sex like one week ago and d other week i took a test so one line showed up dat am nt pregnant and after i was happy so i put it dwn den after 5 mintues i pick it bck up a other line was forming bt its nt clear like the first one bt u can see it and i did the test cuz he told me to cuz very day i was sleeping and didnt have the feeling to go any where and i was eating a lot sum times i see my period nw in august bt is last month i think we had sex and in august too i dunt have d rest syntoms more dan i nose feel funny my skin itches and my body is getting big like my hips are getting broad so the question is am i pregnant??? i dunt want to be cuz am only 16 and am going to be 17 next month


hey, i have missed my period and ive recently took a pregnancy tester but it came up with 1 strong pink line and a faint pink like idk if i am preg or it could be a false reading, i have recently stop taking the pill around the same time all this has happened, i need advice.


hi m 17 m doubting tat m pregnent i missed my period date n its 6 days late m very tensed i din had sex but his sperms were on my hand after some time it dried so i forgot to wash my hand n i touched my vagina with tat hand only i don knw tat the sperm had attached or not m jst tooo scared to take a pregnancy test i really need help its really stressing i don want a baby help wat should i do if i go pregnent?? :(


hi,,i am 24 and i had sex with my boyfriend (26) exactly on the 14th day of my cycle (mine's a 28 day ,and ALWAYS like clock work). its been a week since. I am having low amounts of cervial discharge. my period is due in a week, but i am really tensed. i want to know if i am pregnant. can anyone help how? do these card tests work this early ?


i hope u r not pregnant yet... becos ur just 13..ur physically just growing..ur body is growing.. hav to b mature enough 2 hav sex.. u seem to have wrote ur doubt of being pregnant in a silly manner like "watever" these days..


I had sex the day before I was suppose to start ovulation. I took the morning after pill 30 minutes later and everything seemed fine until I vomited. I don’t know if all the pill came up. I started bleeding exactly a week later and it was like a period. Now I have hardness in the upper area of my stomach and I’m having flutters. I had sex on the 2nd and my ovulation was to began the 3rd through the 13th. I read on the take action pill that I took and it says it wouldn’t be effective with someone being obese and I am 253lbs. Could I be pregnant?

Leanne Lake

Question: I had my period for about 3 days. But my breast are still heavy and sore. I have also feeling nausea only at night. Also had a dream I went to the doctor and was told I was 6 weeks. What do you think?


I'm 12 years old, and I've never had sex. I've been showing common pregnancy signs, and I'm gaining weight. I've also missed my period. Im terrified to ask to talk to a doctor or someone because I don't know how my mom will react.i don't want her to assume that I'm messing around with a boy and yell at me. I'm so scared someone please help me.


i had been having problems with my birth control so i stopped taking them beggining of dec because i had to go for my annual anyway on the 15th but my doctor was on maternatity leave.I had my period dec 29-jan 2 me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex usually he pulls out but he didn't on the 6th which was on my ovulation day the last week i have been sick to my stomach when i wake up, ive only vomitted like twice when eating reese's, im tired all the time, body feels weak, feet and fingers on and swelling,headaches come and go, slight pains in my lower back,urinating more often,eating habit picked up slightly,when im nauseous it seems to go away after i eat but it turns into heartburn ive defintely gained weight, some cramping but im lactose intolerant also. I need answers its too early to take a test


Hi i am a 15 year old and i had my first time last monday and and ive been having upper stomach pain since then should i be worried? ?

Latisha blackshell

I'm new to this just need a little advice to help ease my last period was december 20,2016 and he it s January 28,2017 and still no period I have the symptoms as if I getting ready to start my period but no nothing.for the first time since I notice I was late my back went to hurting something bad I haven't taken a pregnancy test because I'm not sure if I'm getting my symptoms mixed up with something not knowing or even been sure has gotten the best of me I feel sick to my stomach at times but it's just a feeling.....I could go on....but someone please help.....Thanks in advance


Hi I am 24 years old and I noticed that my period only lasted 2 1/2 days and it wasn't lighter then normal.. and then the bleeding just stop.. a day later I had sex with my bf and I bled.. it didn't hurt or nothing..but I also been having this feeling of pressure in my uterus .. lower then where my cramps normally are? Can someone give me some advice


Okay so i know im quite young im 14 and i lost my virginity to my boyfriend about a month ago now and i keep getting really bad cramps in my stomach im slowly putting more and more weight on ny stomach not alot but enough for me to notice i also am slowly starting to eat more normally i hardly ever eat anything and now im starting to eat a meal and maybe sometimes a little more than a meal im scared that i might be pregnant i do have contraception but its not 100% protective i know this i did speak to a GP about contraseption im getting slight back ache too im also scared because ive had a conversation with my dad and he told me if i ever became pregnant before i was 16 he would kick me out i could never give an abortion ever id hate myself for it so what should i do?


I am 25 yrs old and have had 1 child, a daughter who is going on 6. I am wondering if I could be pregnant again. I am on the peraguard bc but have read and heard it is still possible to become pregnant. I did have a period about 3 wks ago but it was very weird and late. It was lighter than normal, spotty at first and then alil heavier for the last day to 2 days. I didn't even feel like I was having a period. The only cramping I had was before I started. I've been feeling weird ever since, I've been feeling like I'm full or I just ate a Thanksgiving feast. I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach most of the time or I have some pain. I don't have many other symptoms, maybe a headache and I do have some mood swings. Should I take a test?


I had sex with my boyfriend on the 1st and now it's the 17th I haven't been having any nasua no cramps no sore Brest haven't haven't gained weight I don't pee a lot I don't get headaches i sleep normal my period hasn't came and I have a really irregular period it's all over the place I'm 14 and I'm scared if I'm pregnant my boyfriend pulled out and I didn't feel him cum he said he didn't cum in me I'm scared what do I do

Sharon Dawn

I mean sore boobs

Sharon Dawn

Hey my name is sharon smith i have a problem with sore vreast and its getting big wht can the problem be


So me and my boyfriend have been together for about 10months and we have unprotected sex. The last few days I've been very moody but have no idea why. According my sister my period is late.. My boobs don't seem to be "sore" if anything maybe abit fuller? My boobs always get really sore about a week before I get my period. I've been having light cramps, more like discomfort. I don't know was kind of personal opinions really don't know what's wrong with me Just so angry!! :(


Hi, I finished my periods last Thursday and had protected sex on Friday (the day after) but Ive been a bit nauseus after eating too much, I am mood swingy and have little headaches. I am 16 years old and I am scared. I mean I have no money to buy a pregnancy test without my parents knowing. And my "partner" spent all his money lately... Do you think I am pregnant... I hope not. My partner is a bit scared but we doubt I am pregnant, the condom didnt break as he remembers... Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me so I feel like I am maybe pregnant. But I am not sure. The only way to be really sure is to try a pregnancy urine test. But I do not have money.


You not the father Maury


U sacred y u wasn't sacred when he put his little thing in there huh


not long had a baby his 8 months and i was on the pill but had to come off because of getting to big but didn't go on nothing else i last was on on the 8th of July or 16th not to sure done test and still not on iv been ill for the past 2 weeks and keep going wee a lot and belly pains feeling sick and dizzy but i do have high blood pressures from when i was pregnant with my son and belly feels hard all time and im been trying to lose weight but dont seem to be lossing any weight i thought my peroids just messed up but its confusing me now any one else had this ?


I had protected sex. No breakage or nothing. I did it a week before my period and I'm having cramps and pain around my hips kinda. No sore breast or anything. Please reply!! I am stressed and paranoid! I was bloated and stomach tightening a few days later! I don't think I'm pregnant. I think it's my period coming because I'm pooping a lot


Hi...My Name is Mia and iam 15 and iam just wondering if iam pregnant or Not..???Because iam very tired during the day eating is not right big appetite but bad digesting!!! i Attend to Crave food items as well..umm i usually Drink alot But feel healthy my period is Very Light as im just wondering just to get some help if iam pregnant or not!???


Ummm. well i just turned 15 and im very worried that iam pregnant as well. umm my period is very light i attend to finger myself or use objects.. and my stomach is very bloated as i pregnant!???


Im 16, have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. We've had unprotected sex for a few months now. I last got my period july 25 -30, we had unprotected sex just a week before that. We haven't had sex this month until a night or two ago but i haven't gotten my period this month. About 3 days ago, i started getting cramps, they come and go. Could i be pregnant? Or am i just worried that i am pregnant?


The only thing that can be done is to take a test. blood or urine, either SHOULD yield a correct response by now.


its probably gas. No joke. And nothing to be ashamed to discuss. You can't "feel" pregnant until you are at least 4-5wks pregnant, though nausea usually doesn't hit until week 6. Some people say they knew from conception, but thats all in their head/heart. (I say heart because they want it so bad that they emotionally feel it)


ok, I'm 16 years old and i had lost my virginity at 15 to my boyfriend. We had unprotected sex for months and i haven't gotten pregnant. I'm a little scared that i can't even had children. My boyfriend never pulls out when he cums so I'd think by now i'd be pregnant. I know it's stupid but I want a baby. I love my boyfriend. He helps me with school and encourages me to keep moving forward. I started birth control about 3 months ago but i skip a few days. we have sex a lot almost daily. same way just now on birth control but not everyday taking the pill. I've been getting: ~ nausea ~constipation ~diarrhea ~frequent urination ~ bloating ~headaches ~ sleepy all the time ~ insomnia ~stomach pains ~ heart burn ~ cravings ~ hungry all the time ~dizzy ~ weakness ~ drained of energy i am a little scared and excited please help and give me your opinion on this matter.


everyone's talking about giving this girl brains and they can't even spell

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