How to reward good behaviour

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How do your get your kids to behave themselves? If new research is anything to go by, most parents resort to rewards after good behaviour.

But the good news is that a new poll by Kinder has discovered that most parents are being sensible and not giving their kids sweet treats too often.

The research also discovered that parents are getting confused by all the different advice that comes from the governments, experts and their own doctor and health visitors.

So how exactly should you reward your children? And what other things do you need to notice to stop them being naughty?

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We got child expert Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, presenter of BBC's House Of Tiny Tearaways to give us her advice...

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The article is overly focused on what not to do and needs to give more emphasis on positive examples. Unfortunately time available is often fixed, in practical terms how does one give more family time to a well behaved child?

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