Stop shouting at your kids: use technology

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A stressed mum struggling to cope with her kids

Tape it

I did this once on the kids' tape recorder when my three were in the middle of a terrible argument. They were stunned into silence when they heard themselves.

Don't say it, write it down

If you want to say something important but don't trust yourself to say it calmly, try writing it in a short note and give it to them. Alternatively, send a text or email. They'll get the point without your angry tone of voice.

Close your eyes...

...when you're talking to the kids. I don't know why this works but somehow it calms me down when I'm reasoning with my children.

But sometimes shouting can be good for them!

So says Professor Diane Houston, psychologist and mother of three. 'Sometimes I am guilty of shouting at my 15-year-old and then he tells me to calm down. It can be a relief for parents to shout, as long as it's over in a short burst. Shouting also helps children to express their feelings instead of bottling them up. But never shout at young children.'

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