Teaching kids to talk: 12-24 months

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Toddler communication problems

Language development: 12-17 months

You should be hearing individual words by now - they'll tend to be nouns that are important in your child's world, so: 'cat', 'up', 'carry'.

Their vocabulary should be up to 20 words, although some children will be saying much more and some a little less.

They will also be able to point to pictures or objects when named, as well as recognise names of familiar people, objects and body parts.

The words that come out may not always sound exactly how you would say them, but don't worry. Don't get angry. Just repeat the proper word and your child will change how they say them as they get older.

If you haven't started already, try to make reading to your child a part of your everyday routine. Books will help improve their language skills.

By now, your child knows how important talking is in order to get what they want.

Language development: 18-24 months

Your child's vocabulary will probably be getting bigger by the day and can be up to 100 words.

Most of the words will still tend to be nouns, but you will often start to hear simple two-word sentences by now, such as 'More milk' or 'Carry me'.

Other words that should be in use regularly by now include simple prepositions, such as 'in' 'under' and 'down'.

Your child will also be asking simple questions, changing the tone of their voice to show this.

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By the age of 2, your child should also be acting on two-step requests, such as: 'Sit down and look at your book.'

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well im surprised no-one else seems to be wondering about this? but i guess not. I was hearing the other day that tom cruise`s daughter suri allegedly can speak 3 languages-and shes only aged 3! So maybe ill give it a try


just to add also, I don`t mean all in one go, rather on a gradual basis, with the odd word / s then perhaps nursery rhymes, and then progressing on to to colours, objects, sentences, stories etc. Is this something to start at 2? 3? 6? 8? I really haven`t any idea and would be interested to know your thouhts. thanks again


Hi, I was reading this feature here and it`s a really great article thank you. I`d like to know your opinion on what age you think it is feasible to introduce / learn a child a foreign langauge? There`s obvious benefits in later life to being multi-lingual, and I`m just wondering at what age you would think that feasible? thanks

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