Teaching kids to talk: 2-4 years

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Language development: 25-36 months

Abilities do vary quite a lot in this age range. By the time your child reaches their third birthday, they should be saying anything between 2-300 words.

Nouns and verbs and pronouns will be put together to make short sentences, such as: 'You kick ball', or 'I drink milk'.

Another thing you'll start to notice is lots of screeching and difficult controlling volume of speech. This will improve the closer they get to 3.

Some children will obviously be far more advanced than others, so it's important not to worry too much if Jimmy or Amy at playgroup are talking much more.

Language development: 3-4 years

During this year, children usually know more than 1,000 words and will start to talk in more complex sentences and use correct grammar.

There will still be a few sounds that might be difficult for your child, such as r, z, f or th, but your child will generally speak in ways that most people will understand.

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Children will enjoy stories and jokes and love asking lots of questions about the world around them. They will also be able to say how old they are.

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