Teaching kids to talk: What are the problem signs?

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Remember, all children develop speech at different rates so although your child may not be speaking as much as their friends, that doesn't necessarily mean they have a problem.

Ear infections and or hearing problems may cause language delay, so make sure your health visitor carries out the relevant hearing checks.

As a general rule, your child should be speaking in sentences that match their age, so one word at the age of 1, two-word sentences at the age of 2, and three-word sentences at the age of 3.

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However, it's important to talk a health professional if any of the following applies to your child:
  • Your baby doesn't listen to or respond to sounds
  • Your baby has problems sucking, swallowing or chewing
  • Your baby isn't using real words by 18 months
  • Your toddler has difficulty understanding what you say
  • Your toddler has an unusual voice and/or stutters
  • Your toddler isn't trying to make sentences by two-and-a-half years

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