Foreign word baby names

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You may have thought "no, thank you" when foreign word baby names crossed your mind. We're not talking about foreign names though (that's another area you may wish to explore), we're actually talking about taking a proper word used in another language and making it your child's name - it can work! Just wait and see.


This method is appealing if you want to put extra thought into choosing your little one's name. However, what makes it even more appealing is the significant meaning that your baby's name will carry.


Although it may sound silly there are plenty of common names in use already that are derived from Latin or Greek words: for example Sophie comes from the Greek word sophos, meaning 'wise'.

You might want to find out if you've got any family roots in another country and use their language as a starting point. Here, we've come up with 5 suggestions each from 4 different European languages.


Alouette: lark

Cadeau: present/gift

Jolie: pretty

Plaire: to please

Sommet: peak/summit


Alma: soul

Baia: bay

Delfino: dolphin

Giada: jade

Rivo: stream


Cala: cove

Estrella: star

Garbo: poise

Majo: nice

Sabio: wise

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Colm: hill

Perla: pearl

Luna: moon

Medved: bear

Vera: truth

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