Religious baby names

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The likes of Samuel, Joshua, Eve and Ruth have been popular for a while, but some of the most interesting alternative baby names come from the Bible, saints or other religions. Why not try one of these?


- Apollonia
- Cecily
- Delilah
- Dinah
- Jael
- Keziah
- Morgana
- Riona
- Sarai
- Thea


- Abel
- Benet
- Crispin
- Felix
- Joab
- Levi
- Micah
- Raphael
- Saul
- Titus

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You might want to think what the name that you choose will mean for your kid when it grows up. Jayden/Kayden/Zorro or any of these other made-up names will still look made-up when your child is 18. Maybe they won't care. Maybe it won't matter. But if you want your kid to end up with a life where strangers know their name - as a doctor, perhaps, or a journalist even - perhaps think of them, and what their name will make them sound like as adults. Trustworthy? Reliable? Or like their parents couldn't spell?

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