Youth crime - Are your kids at risk?

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youth crime
Violent youth crime has been hitting the headlines a lot recently. Often, seemingly unprovoked attacks from gangs of youths has left a series of teenagers dead or badly injured.

But it's not just London that's experiencing a problem with kids and crime.
  • Recent figures revealed that the number of children being convicted or cautioned has gone up by more than a quarter across the country.
  • Reported youth crime has increased by 27%.
  • Crime among the under-15s has soared by a third compared to just an 11% rise in adult crime.
  • Cheshire has seen under-18 crime rise 95% since 2002, and the same statistic in Sussex has risen by 90%.

But what do all these figures mean, especially when a lot of crime goes unreported? Are we only highlighting a small minority of young people, or is this a snapshot of a bigger picture that's actually much worse than we know?

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We've spoken to the experts about what the reasons could be and what the possible solutions are.

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