Key Stage assessments and tests

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Key Stage 1

Your 7-year-old will be assessed for:
  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking and listening
  • maths
  • science

This takes into account how your child performs in task and tests aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils. The tasks and tests last no longer than 3 hours in total and can be taken at a time that the school chooses.

By the age of 7, children are expected to reach level 2. All the assessments are moderated by local authorities to make sure they are reliable.

Your child's school will be able to give you more details about the sorts of tasks your child has taken to reach these results.

Key Stage 2

Tests for 11-year-olds at the end of Key Stage 2 cover:
  • English - reading, writing (including handwriting) and spelling
  • Maths - including mental arithmetic
  • Science

These tests are taken on specific days in mid-May and last less than 5.5 hours in total.

By the age of 11, most children are expected to reach level 4.

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