Your first year with twins: The benefits

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There's no denying that twins are hard work but on the plus side, you've got an instant family and don't have to fret over when's the best time to have baby number two or three.

The bond between twins, particularly identical twins, is one that can't really be mirrored by anything else and that closeness lasts a lifetime. They'll always have someone there to play with who's at a similar level to them. Older siblings might get frustrated with a younger child's inability to play on their level, but with twins that's not an issue.

Of course with such an intense bond is bound to come some pretty intense fighting but unless they're hurting each other, it might be best to leave them to it and not get involved in 'he did this/ she did that' type rows.

An expert's view

'Twins are without a doubt double the pleasure. They've been fantastic. The only thing that I see as a negative is the financial cost of having to fork out for double the school uniforms and double the school trips but if you explain your situation to people, they're almost always willing to help by letting you pay in instalments or something like that. My girls are always there for each other. They're independent but support and help each other through everything. It's all very sweet.'
NCT breastfeeding counsellor and mum of twins, Nena Blake

A mum's view

'My twins squabble like any brother and sister but if any one of them hurts themselves, it's then that their bond becomes clear. I remember taking my son to hospital after he'd cut his head on a corner table. Anyone would think Millie was the one injured the way she was screaming down the casualty waiting room. 'Make him better' she wailed. 'Will he be OK?' As soon as he was out and stitched up they went back to bickering again but it was sweet to see that they really do care.'
Karen Haynes, mum to Tom and Millie, 10

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