Your first year with twins: The first few weeks

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Providing everything went smoothly with the birth and your twins weren't born too prematurely you should be home within a few days. These first few weeks will be tough and you just have to get through it the best you can, relying on help from everybody possible.

The ideal scenario is to get your twins into some sort of routine early on but, in reality, you might just find yourself just muddling through. And that's OK. Don't panic if you meet other mums that have their babies perfectly in sync. As long as they're being loved and looked after and you're coping, then who cares what anybody else is doing? Every mum is different and you have to find a a way to get through the first three months yourself.

Expert advice

'Exhaustion is the biggest thing a new mum of twins is up against and you are bound to feel like this. The most important thing to remember is that it's not a sign of failure. You're tired because you're getting no sleep not because you're unable to cope or your failing as a mother. Take every opportunity to get some rest. Nap when they're napping rather than worrying about doing housework. Don't sweat the small stuff. Your first priority is looking after your babies and you need to look after yourself to do that.

If you're feeling a bit blue and unable to cope I always found that it helped to take my twins out for a walk. Not only did that quite often soothe their crying but the amount of attention you get and people cooing over them is a good reminder that they are quite lovely and definitely worth the hard work.'
Founder of and mum of twins, Lindsey Gray

A mum's advice

'The biggest shock I had when I came home from hospital was that I wasn't ready for two babies that were so different. Tom wanted feeding every 3 hours and Millie wanted feeding all the time - they didn't fall into sync. Getting them into the same routine was a lot harder than it sounds. You get in a muddle and don't know what to do. My advice to any new mums is just do whatever works for you and you'll find a way to manage it somehow, even if it's not quite the perfect routine that everyone aims for.'
Karen Haynes, mum to twins Tom and Millie, 10

If you can get yourselves organised, then getting out and about with your babies is a really good idea. As getting everything together is such a hassle, it's easy to become a bit of a recluse with but why not try and join a twins club. Meeting other mums will give you someone to have a moan with and learn things from.

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If going out and about really does seem too much effort, then why not share experiences and get advice from other mums in an online community such as - the same idea but you can nip in and out while your twins are napping.

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