Child development stages

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All parents worry about how well their children are developing. Are they talking enough? Should they be reading more? Are they too short? Find out what development stages your toddler, primary school child, preteen and teen should be doing at a particular age with our child development stages tracker.

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Or if you want to track your see baby development stages, use our baby development tracker!

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1 year old2 year old3 year old
1 year old's development2 year old's development3 year old's development

4 year olds5 year olds6-8 year olds
4 year old's development5 year old's development6-8 year olds' development

9-12 year olds13-16 year olds
9-12 year olds' development13-16 year olds' development

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ive relized u have no comments on yor page. if you could help me with my project to do with child development i would be verry grateful. x

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