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Am I having a boy or a girl
Okay. So our quiz isn't quite as accurate as a scan - but it's far more fun!


Start the quiz!


And DON'T FORGET to note down how many 'A's and 'B's you get to see whether you're going to have a boy or girl. Well, according to the old wives' tales anyway!


There are all sorts of ways of attempting to predict the sex of your baby before he or she is born. From old wives' tales passed down the generations (that's everything from the direction your pillow faces to mixing your urine with drain cleaner!), our Chinese birth predictor chart, which some of our users swear by, and then of course, there's the nub theory - it's never ending! Of course the only thing that can tell you definitively is an ultrasound scan from 18 weeks, but don't forget they've been known to be wrong, too!


If you really just can't wait to find out, and are looking for an idea of what you might be having, this fun little quiz will answer that burning question, 'Am I having a boy or a girl?', well, as far as speculation goes...


In the meantime, how about checking out some of our favourite baby names? Whether you're having a girl or a boy you can browse our baby names by most popular and unusual for boys and girls.


In the meantime why not browse our favourite baby names for boys and girls


Did you find our quiz was accurate for you? You'll have to let us know whether our quiz predicted correctly for you once you know. Tell us if it turned out to be accurate or not by leaving a comment in the box below!

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