Keeping the peace: Presents and relaxation

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Man with christmas presents

3. Get your partner to help with presents

Just because you've always bought all the presents, doesn't mean you can't change things this year.

Come up with some ideas for your husband to buy for his own relatives and point him in the direction of the internet. It's easier to shop online than ever before and it appeals to the male way of doing things.

4. Take a break

It's easy to get cooped up in the house during Christmas, so go for a walk and stretch your legs. Going out as a family is a good way of getting some time together but also relieving stress.

Remember that teenagers also need rest from you, so don't be surprised if they're happy to stay in the house while you get outside. Use the opportunity for everyone to get some space and don't force them to come with you.

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If it's not nice enough to get outside, then head up to your bedroom for 15 minutes and tell your husband you don't want to be disturbed. Read a book to clear your head.

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