Dads' and kids' relationship

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It's often assumed that a mum's bond and relationship with her kids is the most important. But dads are just as crucial for children to grow up healthy and well and according to polls are just as skilled at parenting. So why is the father's role usually seen as coming second?

Research for the Fatherhood Institute discovered that almost 7 out of 10 mums believe that dad is just as good at looking after the kids as them, but found that dads spend on average 1 month less with their children every year.

The same research also discovered that around 7 in 10 men and women think that society values a father's relationship to their child less than a mother's. This is despite evidence that links an absent father figure to youth crime and poor results at school.

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We talked to some parenting experts to get their advice on why dads are so important and find out exactly what a dad can do to make sure he has a great relationship with his kids.

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