Why is a dad's relationship so important?

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'There are two sides to being a dad,' says David Bartlett from the Fatherhood Institute. 'It's about what they do in relation to their children, but also their relationship with the mothers that affect things.'

Research shows that children with involved dads get a number of benefits.

'It's important to realise, though, that many of these benefits are linked to having a strong relationship with the mum, as well,' says David.

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Rachel Morris, psychotherapist and author of The Single Parent's Handbook, has a different take on it. 'Children who grow up in a single parent family will develop different sets of skills, if they don't have anyone who fills the role of 'dad'. In my own son's case, he created a fantasy of what his dad would have been able to teach him or help him with, even though it would probably have made very little difference.'

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