7 Christmas party games guaranteed to banish festive boredom

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Christmas party games and activities
When nan's collapsed on the sofa after eating too much turkey and the kids have opened the last of their presents, relight the fire of Christmas Day by getting everybody on their feet and playing one (or two) of these brilliantly fun Christmas games and activities.

There's a Christmas party game for everyone, from traditional family party games you'll all know how to play like charades, to really festive party games like the Human Christmas Tree, where you can throw as much tinsel as you like over Dad - guaranteed to have the whole family in stitches!

So if you've got the family coming over and you want to keep the buzz of Christmas alive for the whole day, play our family Christmas party games and have the best Christmas yet.

The game: Christmas cluedo

How many players?
4 or more

The objective
Everyone is trying to 'kill' one other person by simply handing them a Christmas object without them realising. If that person takes it then they're dead! The last one standing is the winner.

How to play:

Each person writes their own name on one piece of paper, plus one Christmas object in the house that could be easily passed to someone (no Christmas trees!) on another.

Each person then takes a name out of a bag, and an object. You need to pass the person you draw the Christmas item you draw and if they take it without realising, they're dead!

If a person dies, they have to give the person and object to their killer

The last one standing wins!

The game: Ho ho ho blindman's bluff

How many players?
4 or more

The objective
The 'blind' person wins by identifying the people in the room by touch and then hearing them say 'ho ho ho'. The other people have to avoid being caught and identified but they can't hide or run away but they can move about to make it harder.

How to play
One person is blindfolded and spun round.

The person with the blindfold has to move around the room and identify each person by touch alone.

The other people in the room need to move around a bit so it's hard for the person wearing the blindfold to find people.

If the blind person finds you, they can ask you to say 'ho ho ho' in whatever voice you choose! Whoever the 'blind' person correctly identifies, they swap places and wear the blindfold.

The game: Festive charades

How many players?
4 or more

The objective
The rest of the group have to watch your mime and guess what the title is that you're acting out. The person that guesses correctly then takes their turn to act out a charade. The only catch is - the subject you choose has to be Christmas-themed!

How to play
One person stands in front of the rest of the family/friends and mimes the title of a Christmas song, play, film, book or TV programme.

The person doing the miming uses hand signals to show whether it's a film,
book, pop song, etc, and then they either act out each individual word,
one at a time, or mime the full title in one go.

The people watching have to guess the name of whatever the person is miming.

Whoever gets it right swaps places and do their own mime to the group.

The game: Human christmas tree

How many players?
6 or more

The objective
The team that finish first and have the best 'decorated' tree are the winners and win a prize.

How to play

Separate into teams with one person in each team playing the Christmas tree.

The team then have to turn their chosen person into a Christmas tree, using wrapping paper, tape and decorations - but they have under a minute to do it!

When the minute is up the winner is the team that have the best decorated tree.

The game: The present game

How many players:
More than 5 is best.

The objective
To get as many gifts as you can.

How to play
Everyone brings a couple of wrapped presents - they can be joke presents or nice, cheap gifts.

It's a good idea to wrap the presents really well and try to disguise the contents.

The presents are put together in the middle of the room.

Everyone takes it in turn to throw two dice.

Whoever gets a double six is allowed to take a present - but not open it.

Everyone gets a go and if you get a double six, you can 'steal' a gift that your friend has chosen for themselves, although they may take it back if
they get a double six!

Often people take a gift that they think is going to be a really good present - this is where wrapping well can outwit other players.

When everyone's had a couple of turns and everyone has a few presents each, you're allowed to open the presents and keep them if you wish.

The game: Mr & Mrs

How many players?
6 or more.

This game works best with at least three couples, but doesn't necessarily have to be couples, this also works for friends, brothers and sisters and colleagues.

The objective

To correctly answer questions about your partner. The winners kiss under the misteltoe!

How to play

Get into pairs and send one half of the couple out of the room while you ask their partner questions about them.

Make the questions as interesting as you can, from 'what's her favourite perfume?' to 'how old was he when he had his first kiss?'.

Bring the partner back into the room to answer the questions, giving one point for every correct answer.

The couple with the most points wins and have to kiss under the misteltoe.

The game: Christmas X Factor

How many players?
The more the better - especially as three people need to be judges.

The objective
To get the judges' vote for singing the best and having the 'X Factor'.

How to play

A karaoke machine or Wii Guitar Hero is good for this game, but not essential.

Select three people to be judges, just like on the TV show.

Then everyone else takes it in turn to audition for the judges, singing a Christmas song or carol.

The winner is decided by the judges and given a prize.

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If you don't want to sing Christmas songs, you can always have a themed night, whether it's singing Abba or Take That songs, or taking tunes from an era, like the 70s or 80s.

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