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22nd January 2015: the Met Office has issued a level 3 cold weather warning across Northern Ireland, Yorkshire, the Midlands, Grampian and Central, Tayside and Fife.

The snow and cold weather is likely to have caused icy conditions, which may have created some disruption to school transport. See below for advice on how to find out which schools are being affected.

Is your school closed?


Schools closed in Aberdeenshire

New Pitsligo and St John's School


Schools closed in the Highlands

Smithton Primary Nursery


Here are some tips for finding out if your school is closed:

1. Check the school's website: They may have put a note up (but check the information is up to date).
2. Check your local council's website: They often list schools that are closing because of snow. If you don't know the website for your local council, use this page from the government's website to find it, then follow the school closures link.
3. Listen to the radio: Your local station might list school closures.
4. Ring around other parents: It's worth checking if any of your friends know.

Click here to check your local authority, which may be subject to change.

Are there any traffic problems?

Snow and icy weather can obviously cause huge traffic problems, so if the weather is bad in your area, check before you travel. Although councils do their best to grit the roads, they're not always able to get around all the roads in time and one accident can cause traffic jams for hours.

If you're going out in the car when it's snowy, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes, food, drink and a fully charged mobile phone with you.

You can use these websites to find out if there are travel problems due to snow in your area:
  • BBC Travel has up-to-the-minute travel info.
  • will keep you informed on road closures and travel problems.

If you are stuck at home

Read our advice on staying safe in the snow - which includes looking after yourself, your kids, relatives and pets!

And if you need some ideas to keep the kids entertained, here's where to start:

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i wish that smeeth cp school was closed tomorrow because it is never closed and that gets annoying.

Charlotte Gunn - Editor

Hi Teresa, we'd need a bit more detail to find out for you. Where is Hareclive School?


Is Hareclive School Closed Today?

Jade Sadie Mint West

is nelso thomlinson school closed tommorow ??????


is hillhead high school off tomorrow????


i think schools should make sure there grounds are clear as i has hit by a skiding car walking up the drive to school on monday.


all schools should be off and my school should be off coz of the snow :(

cathy jonse

i think school should be closed,as to of my kids fell in the snow when they was in school and got hurt.


what myschool closed but that is unfair


we got sent home at 20 past 1 because of the bad weather it should be closed tomorrow


all schools should be closed tomorrow


My school was closed 2day,yesterday and i want it to be 2morrow.


is bedewell closed tomorrow


is easington community science college on tomorow (30th november 2010)

My bum

Is st josephs off in hebburn tomorrow


does anyone know if [SCOIL MHUIRE, CLANE, CO. KILDARE] is closed tomorrow?




is Aireview infant sch, Silsden, w. yorks closed today 29/11


I think schools should stay at home in bad snowy conditions as you may get seriously hurt and if schools dont close then they could be robbing children of a chance to play outside in the snow with friends also in mild conditions schools should open as otherwise children are missing education.


i think that new lans spring should be closed it is verry bad snow and its toning in to ice.


I think the schools should remain closed as, medway community college does not close even if the snow is really high and if the roads are slippery, to be honest the govement should not open any school with the snow as, some children on the way to school are getting seriously hurt.


i wish waverley was open today


My school isnt closed either and it is at the bottom of a really big hill which even when gritted is too slippy and I nearly fell yesterday and today i stayed off and got told im getting shouted at and I live a good 30 minutes away and have to depend on buses!! I wish St Louises was closed :(


I think schools should be closed tomorrow because snow turns to ice which is really dangerous :/


im so happy my school is closed! and it was my birthday yesterday so this is great not having to go to school!


I think all schools should remain closed as their is people travelling long distances in bad conditions. Walking to school could also be hazardous as it is very slippy. If it gets colder and colder throughout the day, and opened schools send pupils home, it should just not have opened at all. There should not be one school open when the rest in the area is shut.

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