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14th March 2013: the Met Office has issued a warning of ice across Britain. There's currently a Level 3 Cold Weather Action in one or more regions of England and Scotland.

The snow and cold weather is likely to have caused icy conditions, which may have created some disruption to school transport. See below for advice on how to find out which schools are being affected.

Is your school closed?


Schools closed in Norfolk

Clenchwarton Primary School in Norfolk is closed today due to broken heating system.

Schools closed in Northumberland

Guide Post Middle School is open to Year 6 Pupils only. The school is closed to all other year groups until Monday 18 March 2013.

Click here to check your local authority, which may be subject to change.

If there is heavy snow in your area it's likely that some schools will be closed as staff are unable to make it in and heating systems break down.

It can be difficult to find out if your child's school is closed - you're unlikely to get through on the phone as so many parents will be ringing (and staff might not have been able to get in yet anyway). So here are some tips for finding out if your school is closed:

1. Check the school's website: They may have put a note up (but check the information is up to date).
2. Check your local council's website: They often list schools that are closing because of snow. If you don't know the website for your local council, use this page from the government's website to find it, then follow the school closers link.
3. Listen to the radio: Your local station might list school closures.
4. Ring around other parents: It's worth checking if any of your friends know.


Are there any traffic problems?

Snow and icy weather can obviously cause huge traffic problems, so if the weather is bad in your area, check before you travel. Although councils do their best to grit the roads, they're not always able to get around all the roads in time and one accident can cause traffic jams for hours.

If you're going out in the car when it's snowy, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes, food, drink and a fully charged mobile phone with you.

You can use these websites to find out if there are travel problems due to snow in your area:
  • BBC Travel has up-to-the-minute travel info.
  • will keep you informed on road closures and travel problems.

If you are stuck at home

Read our advice on staying safe in the snow - which includes looking after yourself, your kids, relatives and pets!

And if you need some ideas to keep the kids entertained, here's where to start:

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