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It's pretty obvious that you need to keep warm when it's cold, but you need to be sensible about it. If you need to go out in cold weather wear lots of layers rather than just one warm jumper and one warm coat - the more layers you have the better your body will be at keeping itself warm.

- Invest in thermal underwear: OK, we know it's not the sexiest of items but, right now, we're choosing comfort over style!

- Don't forget yourself: If you're in charge of making sure the kids are dressed properly, it's easy to think that you'll be fine or that you don't matter as much as the young ones, but you do.

- Don't just think about warmth: Remember you need to be waterproof too - once your warm clothing gets wet you'll feel very cold, very quickly, no matter how many layers you're wearing.

- Choose natural materials rather than man-made where possible, such as wool, cotton and silk.

Your home

- Turn up the heating two more degrees than usual and make sure all doors and windows are closed. Doing these two things means you'll stay warm without greatly increasing your heating bills.

- Layer up! Even though you're inside don't feel shy to put on extra jumpers or even a hat and scarf

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- Be careful around fires: It's easy to get burnt without realising - people often get too close because they're so cold and before they know it, they burn themselves.

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