Things to do in the snow: Part 2

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How to build a snowman

4. Have a snowball fight

Remember to make sure that it's snow you're throwing and not ice.

Divide yourself up into teams and then get throwing - and try to make a pact to aim below shoulder height so that no-one catches a mouthful of snow.

5. Go on a wildlife walk

If you live near a wood or some open countryside, it can be really fun to see if you can spot any animal tracks in the fresh snow.

You'll also notice how much louder the birds sound after it's snowed, because normal noises of traffic are muffled.

6. Go tobogganing

If you've already got a sledge, then head for the nearest hill.

To make your own, you could try using an old tea tray, or maybe you've got an old wooden fruit box that you could tie some string on to help steer.

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If all else fails, a strong black bin bag also works pretty well

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