Things to do in the snow: Part 3

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A paper snowflake

7. Make paper snowflakes

What you'll need:

- A piece of square paper
- Safety scissors

1. Take a square of paper and fold it across the diagonal to make a triangle.
2. Fold in half again along the long side and again to make a smaller triangle.
3. Now fold the right angle over until it meets the long side of the paper. This will make a four-sided shape, with a point sticking down. Cut this point off to make a triangle.
4. Now using scissors, cut bits out of the edges of your triangle. Make sure you leave a path from top to bottom, or else your flake will fall apart.
5. Now unfold your paper and you should have a lovely snowflake like the one above

8. Make snow cones

What you'll need:
- Lots of snow
- Sugar
- Fruit juice concentrate or fizzy drink
- Paper cups
- A blender

1. Pour a large amount of snow into your blender
2. Pour about a tablespoon of sugar in (you may need more to taste)
3. Add your fruit concentrate or fizzy drink - we reckon around 1/4 of the amount of snow
4. Blend quickly so it all gets mixed in
5. Pour into paper cups
6. Drink/eat - mind your teeth don't freeze though!

9. Feed the birds

When it snows, a lot of people forget about the poor birds who struggle to find things to eat.

Get an old tupperware container and fill it with birdseed and dig out any old crusts of bread you may have and throw them into the garden - this will encourage all manner of varieties to come and visit.

Then you can check to see which types of birds live in your area - get your kids to look them up in a book if they don't know any of them.

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More things to do

- Build a snowman
- Things to do inside the house
- Make sure you know your basic first aid

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