How to find me-time

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Do you never have any time for yourself? Are you bored of sounding like a stuck record as you plead with your kids to tidy their rooms, brush their hair or help with the dishes? Do you struggle to watch your favourite soap?

Then we can help. Giselle Green, author and mum of 6 boys, has some great tips to get the kids to behave and help round the house so that you have time to put your feet up and enjoy a little me time.

1. Delegate

Kids love coming home from school and jumping straight on the computer, games console or TV. If it drives you round the bend that they aren't helping out round the house, get them into the habit of seeing 'computer time' or 'TV time' as a reward (for helping you).

Start by only letting them on the computer after helping you with a chore. They'll soon be queuing up to clear those dishes.

2. Make it fun

Whatever you need doing, get the whole family interested and involved by having fun. Even things like redecorating needn't be a chore - kids love pulling down wallpaper. When their bedrooms look like a pigsty, hold a competition to see who can fill a bin-bag or the laundry basket first.

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If you're trying to get them to tidy their rooms promise them a game of twister or a board game in their bedroom - but only once the floor of their bedroom is completely toy-free!

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These tips are great - even 5 extra mins is a well earned rest!


me time - what's that!


I feel like I never get any free time to myself, but this is great! I'm putting the ironing on hold tonight


These are great tips - thanks. anything that gives me an extra 10 minutes is a blessing

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