Anna's pregnancy diary: Week 15

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Anna with her cats
goodtoknow's Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we've asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments.

This week Anna is starting to get impatient waiting for her baby to be born and is thinking about whether it's safe to have cats during pregnancy.

I've been getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet about cats and pregnancy recently. Apparently a lot of cats are handed in to rescue and re-homing centres because the owner is pregnant or has just had a baby.

Reasons include: Since I got pregnant the cat's been looking at me funny. The cat might climb into the baby's cot and suffocate it. Cats have toxoplasmosis so it's not safe to have a cat when you're pregnant. Cats have germs.

I don't understand what it is about pregnancy that makes people abandon their animals. It's almost as though they're replacing their cat babies with real ones... I love my cats. And I'd put up a pretty good fight against anyone who tried to persuade me that I couldn't keep them while I'm pregnant or when I have a small baby.

People seem to be worried that cats could climb into cots and moses baskets to snuggle up to a nice warm baby and suffocate it by accident, but the chances of that happening are extremely remote. And if you really want to be super safe you could just shut the door when you leave the baby alone in a room and you can also buy cat nets to put over the top to stop them from getting in there at all.

And as for toxoplasmosis, all you need to do to avoid it is not change your cat litter yourself, or if you must do it, wear gloves - I think it's a brilliant excuse to get my husband to be in charge of cat litter all the time! And as for germs, cats are clean animals, so I'll be keeping my lovely cats and hoping that they don't decide to leave home themselves when I bring home a screaming Lenny!

I'm also starting to get a little bit impatient. I'm very excited about this baby and I want to meet Lenny! I'm already envious when my friends give birth because they've actually got their baby and I've got to wait another 25 weeks! Although one friend did tell me his wife gave birth 6 weeks early which panicked me slightly and made me rethink my buying plans - I'm now going to make sure I have everything ready for 34 weeks, just in case!

I don't really want to buy anything yet because for some weird reason I'm scared it might jinx the baby. But I'm very very happy to write lots of lists and do research into the best buggies, bottles and monitors etc, knowing that one day, I can put it all into a big online basket and get it delivered, just in time!

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helena byrne

thank you for showing us the beautiful videos of your scans they were amazing i only wish every woman or young girl could see them before any of them considered terminations.your beautiful baby is very like her dad us mothers do all the hard work and the babies look as if their dad spat them out i have four three sons and a daughter and they are all the spit of their dad even my daughter.hope you enjoy every minute of your beautiful daughters life she will grow up to fast believe me it goes like a flash.

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