Holding their breath

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Girl holding her breath

2. Holding their breath

This is probably something that every child has done at some point. But how can you stop your child from holding their breath?

Why do they do it?
When kids hold their breath it's another way of them trying to get your attention, and it's a sign that they're frustrated and distressed.

What can you do?
'Look at what you're doing before they start holding their breath and what they're doing just beforehand? Is there something that triggers them holding their breath?' says Sue.

'If they hold their breath because they're unhappy about something you've asked them to do, prepare them beforehand so it's not such a surprise. Instead of saying: 'Right, put your toys away, we've got to go.' Tell them that soon they'll have to put their toys away because they're going to do something else that's just as much fun. That way it won't be such a shock. Plus, you're showing your child that you're confident and in control.'

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Holding their breath

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