What type of mum will you be?

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A baby being taken out of a baby bath
Becoming a mum is a major step and often tough to deal with and how you deal with pregnancy and motherhood is a reflection of your personality.

Expert psychologist and mum, Dr Linda Papadopoulos explains: 'Having a baby is a huge, life-changing event that naturally takes some adjusting to.'

'Identifying who you are and understanding how you cope naturally can help you control overriding emotions, deal with important decisions, adapt to your new situation and enjoy this wonderful time in your life.'

To help you make the most of your pregnancy, Dr Linda reveals five of the most common personality types for mums-to-be...

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The different types of mum

- The Worrier Mum
- The Alpha Mum
- The Professional Mum
- The Earth Mum
- The No Worries Mum

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