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Pre-teen talking to your child about puberty
Dreading your child reaching puberty or already going through an awkward time with your teen? Don't worry - help is at hand!

Puberty can be a strange time for parents as well as kids - your polite, well behaved child suddenly turns into a moody and stroppy teenager - and you can't seem to say anything right.

In this article we explain what's going on with your child's body during puberty, the physical and emotional changes they're going through and how you can help them.

Puberty in girls: The physical changes
Puberty in boys: The physical changes
The emotional effects of puberty and how you can help
Where to get more help and advice

What is puberty?

We're sure you remember what puberty was like! A release of hormones causes changes in the body and the reproductive organs develop. You'll notice physical changes in your child - they'll get suddenly taller, girls develop breasts and so on.

The hormones also cause psychological changes - which means your child is likely to be more moody and feel more self conscious of their body.

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The physical changes of puberty are split into 5 stages - these are known as the Tanner stages and will be explained in more detail later.

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