Puberty: Where to get more help

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Your son or daughter probably won't feel comfortable talking to you about every aspect of puberty - and that's completely natural.

Instead of worrying about it, there's plenty of places they can go for advice.

The BBC have a pre-teen and teenage-friendly puberty section: Visit the BBC's website

Family planning experts Marie Stopes also have a site aimed at girls and boys reaching puberty: Visit

The NHS website also has more factual information on puberty and the possible problems that come with it: Visit NHS Choices website

More help for mums from goodtoknow

- Talking to your child about puberty and sex
- One mum's story: 'I used Coronation Street to help with sex education'
- One mum's story: 'Their hormones are starting to kick in'

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Where to next?

- More advice for parents of teenagers
- More help with pre-teens
- 10 dos for parents: Talking to your teen

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