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Woman's Weekly knitting pattern
WomanTry this fantastic Woman's Weekly knitting pattern which gives a step-by-step guide on how to make a really cute baby set which includes a matching kimono jacket and shoes

Creating one-of-a-kind knitting patterns for over 100 years, Woman's Weekly are sharing their designs exclusively on goodtoknow. And to make things super easy for you, we've included a printable version of the pattern so all you need to do is click, print, and knit!

This cross-over, kimono-style cardigan has raglan sleeves. It's knitted in stocking stitch with moss-stitch borders, finished off with crochet edging. The yarn is a mixture of wool, silk and cashmere.

Knitting pattern

Skill level: Medium. Would suit a fairly experienced knitter.

Kimono: To fit ages 3 to 6 (6-9)(9-12) months.
Actual chest measurements 53 (56) (59) cm/21 (22) (23¼) in.
Side seam 15 (16) (17) cm/ 6 (6¼) (6½) in.
Length to back neck 25.5 (27) (29) cm/10 (10½) (11½) in.
Sleeve seam 15 (17) (19.5) cm/ 6 (6½) (7¾) in.

Shoes: To fit ages 3-6 (6-9) months.

Kimono: 3 (3) (4) 50g balls
of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4 ply. 3mm (No. 11) and 3¼mm (No. 10) knitting needles; size 2.00 crochet hook; 3 buttons and a length of narrow ribbon.

Shoes: 1 x 50g ball of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4 ply. 2¾mm (No. 12) and 3¼mm (No. 10) knitting needles; size 2.00 crochet hook; 4 buttons.

Both items: Yarn costs about £6.73 per 50g ball. We used Cuddle (02). For stockists, write to: Sublime, Flanshaw Lane, Alverthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF2 9ND (01924 369666).

28 stitches and 36 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over stocking stitch, using 3¼mm needles.

K, knit; p, purl; st, stitch; tog, together; p2togb, p2tog through back of sts; inc, increase (by working twice in same st); dec, decrease (by taking 2 sts tog); ss, stocking st (k on right side and p on wrong side); mst, moss st; skpo, slip 1, k1, pass slip st over; nil, meaning nothing is worked here for this size; dc, double crochet.

Note: Yarn amounts are based on average requirements and are therefore approximate. Instructions are given for small size. Where they vary, work figures in round brackets for larger sizes. Instructions in square brackets are worked as stated after 2nd bracket.

Click here for a printable version of the pattern

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jane morritt

I am trying to get hold of a knitting pattern for bob the builder for my grandson.I wondered if womans weekly have done one in the past and i have missed it.If so can i buy a back copy with it in. Thankyou

june Thomas

I would love to know if I can buy from you a booklet that I used to have back in the seventies or if anyone else has one. It is all baby knitted clothes I mislayed mine some years ago and have looked everywhere but can t find any patterns the same as were in this book

jenny elliott

Can Anyone tell me how many knitting pattens there were in the wallace and gromit collection, issued by womans weekly some time ago, and ids there anyone who has them for sale, regards jenny


i have no idea how to knit but would love to make this in pink for my 5 wk old daughter can anyone help please

Sue Clarke

I am trying tofind Kipper the dog or similar knitting patterns for my mother to knit can you still get backdates of magazine that had the pattern and if so how much

Mrs D Caruana

I understand that some time ago Woman's Weekly published a copy of the Wallace and Gromit character Shaun the Sheep knitting pattern. Does anyone have a copy they could let me have? Many thanks.

maureen chambers

I would love to knit some toys for my grandson does anyone know if you can still get them from woman's weekly

Frances Perrin

I am crocheting the Texere yarn bag featured in the magazine recently; but despite several attempts cannot "get" the correct number of stitches for the small bag. Can anyone help/advise please. Many thanks

betty khan

I just love the pattern for the knitted baby mrs J LEE. Idont have a it possible to post me a copy.PLEASE.I would love to make it for my future grand child.bav

georgia smith

i am trying to find a toddlers cardigan or sweater pattern with peppa pig on it, can you help please

mrs j.s.brown

don't be afraid of crochet it's so easy, you only have to think of the crochet hook as your finger casting on one stitch,the difference is, instead of the stitches going onto a needle its one stitch on a crochet put hook through edge of your garment then wool over hook pull back through towards you thats two stitches on hook wool over hook pull two stitches over new stitch as if casting off and hey presto thats crochet! try it! you only ever drop one stitch, due to athritis in my hands i cannot knit anymore but i can crochet and it finishes a garment beautifully.

Tina Egleton

Mrs B Lawrence The crochet edging used on this cardigan is highly decorative and also gives a neat finish to the edge. You could omit this edging if the cast-on edge on shoes or front/neck edge of cardigan are neat. However, if the edge is not very neat, then the garment can be finished off with tiny pick up knitted edging.

Mrs B Lawrence

I would love to knit this lovely jacket and shoes, but I notice that they are both finished off with crochet stitches. Over the years I've tried to come to grips with crochet but to no avail. How crucial is it to finish the garments in crochet?

Mrs J Lee

I don,t have a printer so couldn t print it off, would it be possible to post me a copy?


Can I use your pattern to make items for sale? I sell knitted baby items and use proceeds from the revenue to provide blankets and baby items to mothers and children in need. Thanks

Jeanette Salmon

Could you please let me know if you found the pattern as I am looking for it too


hi to all i am a new knitter and im looking for thomas tank and friends if anyone can help i have lots of toy patterns and some very rear ones would be willing to swop if any one can help many thanks

Steve Greenslade

it looks ok i am looking for thecharming set for babies from the women's weekly best ever knitting book as my copy of the pattern got wet and ive lost allmost all of it if you can help i would be most greatfull


Please does anyone have a copy of Peppa Pig knitting pattern as l have spilt coffee all over the magazine . Anne

Margaret Davie

I would like a copy of the toy Peppa pig knitting pattern for my two small grandaughters who simply love Peppa.I can knit so would be grateful if you could help me and make two little girls happy. I would like to knit this for Christmas. Thank you

Molly Phippen

Hi, a long shot. does anyone have a knitting pattern, from Womans Weekly printed about 28 years ago, for a baby jacket, with attached hood, fully knitted in blackberry stitch. I knitted this about 4x and lent the pattern out. my son is 28 1/2 now, and I had done this for him age 6/9 months. and now have grandchildren. thanks


Hi, I seem to have lost my copy of your treasury annual from 1986 [I think thats the year it could be 87.] It contained a series of knitting patterns for a Baby's Layette [ blanket,matinee coat,leggings,angel top,dress,bonnet,helmet etc.] I can't seem to find a copy anywhere! Can anyone help please? it's the blanket pattern i most wanted I've made it many times over the years.

Paulette Burgess

I am looking for a knitting patttern of barney, it is in an old issue and by Alan Dart, does anyone have any ideas of how I could get hold of this pattern; I want to knit it for my grandson

Tina Egleton, Woman's weekly K

Hi Julie, With regards to "Twinkle toes" bootee pattern. The pattern is correct as printed. Email me directly on stating exactly where you are experiencing problems and I will try to help you.


does anyone know if the twinkle toes knitting pattern in last weeks Womans Weekly has any ammendments? I have tried to knit the Bootees but the pattern does not seem to work when I try to finish off the sole.


i am looking for the pattern for the fireman sam doll that was in a issue but im not sure which one. any idea how i can find it againx

brenda Attewell

I lost a pattern for mohair scarves from a recent copy can anyone help

miss k otool

Hi my aunt is looking 4 the pattern that has been in 1 of the issues not sure which 1 its snow white an the seven dwarfs toys if any 1 has a copy cud u please send me 1 or put me in the right direction 2 get a copy please thanks.

Judith Sismey

Many thanks! That's great!

Woman's Weekly

Hi Judith If you send an SAE, stating that you'd like the Marion Foale pattern in 11/4/2008 and send it to: Knitting Dept, Woman's Weekly, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU, they should be able to send you a copy of the pattern.

Judith Sismey

Am trying to get hold of the Marion Foale pattern which was in Women's weekly 11/4/2008. Back numbers of that date don't seem to be available. Any suggestions as to how I can get hold of the pattern or the 11/4/2008 edition ofWomen's weekly?

Hazel Short

I am looking for a Thomas the Tank Engine Pattern if any one has one I would be very grateful for a copy. I made a cardigan many years ago for my nephew now I have a grandson who is Thomas mad, so I would have great fun making it for him.

brenda chamberlain

Love your patters, have been using them for over 40 years, but just lately all the patterns are for specified wool, some of it I think quite pricey. I don't like mail order, I can't be bothered to sit in indefinitely. I like to go to the shops to see what I am getting before I buy

Mrs B Lawrence

Many thanks to Tina Egleton and Mrs J S Brown for your comment about the finshing off with crochet. I am going to give it a try.


looking for a piglet knitting pattern

Mrs I Davenport

I have a knitting pattern for a Thomas The Tank engine cardigan which was requested by Colette.Perhaps she can get in touch by e-mail if she still needs it?


I am looking for a knitting pattern for a cute little woollen dog (about palm-size) that my mother got from a Women's Weekly in 1950's - early 60's. She has recently gone into a nursing home & the elderly pattern was mistakenly thrown put into the rubbish. It has great sentimental value for me and my mother. Does anyone know where I could find it again.


Love the kimono, have just about finished. You say a length of narrow ribbon, I can't find where to use it in the pattern.

Lorraine Harris

Quite a few years ago you had a knitting pattern for children which had daisy's on it. I have made this for my daughter (who is now 15!) I also adapted it to make one for my Mum! I have since lost this pattern and would like to be able to make it again for a friend of mine. Do you keep back copies and how would I be able to get hold of one?

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