Sarah's Law: What does it mean for you?

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Sarah Payne - Sarah's Law is being rolled out across the UK
Due to the implementing of Sarah's Law every parent in England and Wales is able to check if someone who has access to their children has a record of child sex offences. 

Sarah's Law, known officially as the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, means that you can ask the police if someone who comes into contact with your kids has convictions of child sex offences.

It was piloted for 12 months by 4 police forces (Cambridgeshire, Cleveland, Hampshire and Warwickshire) - and it protected 60 children in that time.

Sara Payne has been campaigning for this law after her 8-year-old daughter Sarah was murdered by a convicted sex offender in 2000. Sara said: 'I am delighted that the years of campaigning and hard work by so many friends and colleagues have provided those who care for children with the right to check that adults who have access to them do not pose a danger.

'The evaluation has shown the huge benefits of increased but controlled access to information. The input of the police, children's charities and academics to the pilots has ensured consensus has been reached and we are working together to keep children safe.' 

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Please note: Police are urging parents to remember that you can go to your police force any time if you have concerns about your children's safety - you don't need to wait for this scheme to be rolled out in your area if you're worried now.

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I have recently been told that my x who sexually abused my 2 girls 20 years ago, is buying childrens dvds and sweets on a monthly basis, alarm bells are going off, as he is on his own, has no friends he is a loner. and he is also working were children come into his work place. Have contacted the police but they can only deal with the matter of his employment, and children entering his workplace. I really have such strong feelings that he is again abusing. the problem is his victims are only going to be very young, and wont understand to tell there parents until it is too late, and another childs life is detroyed, like my children were. has any one got any a answer for me, what else can I do. obviously the police have to have concrete evidence, and that means a child telling the parent.

Dee selfe

Thank God this country is finely doing something to help keep children safe. This goes on far too much and not a lot is done about it. As for wrong allegations that wont happen with this system as the parent contacts the police and the police have to tell them if the person they are asking about has a record or not and if they dont then nothing to worry about. If they do then they should not be near that persons child anyway so they will be in big trouble but i would like to see strickter sentences for people who abuse children. Why should they have there human rights the children they abuse dont have theres when there being abused do they.


i think it a good thing it not faire on the children

ann-marie emerson

i totally support this decision, it should have become law when Sara Payne first set the campaign up. My question, would be "Why do people not want it to happen?!" The people who have privided negative responses are surely trying to hider secrets. I personally think there is no smoke without fire, but ALL allegations should be investigated thoroughly. I read Sara Paynes book and cried through out it, her pain like other families should have been eased a little by the law and justice system supporting their campaign. Keep up the god and vital work.

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