How to knit videos with Woman's Weekly

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How to knit videos
Learn how to knit with these fun knitting instructions videos! A knitting class in your very own home, Woman's Weekly shows you step-by-step knitting for beginners

From casting on to decreasing stitches, Woman's Weekly's knitting expert Tina Egleton gives her advice on all things knitting. Learn how to knit the basics then give our free knitting patterns a go!

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How to knit - Knitting for beginners

How To Knit How To Knit How To Knit
Cast On
 Knit & Purl
Cast Off

How To Knit How To Knit How To Knit
Making Up
Knitted bag

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There are many magazines which specialise in crochet! I used to have a subscription for a very popular knitting magazine but it got so one month there were more crochet than knitting patterns, so I cancelled my subscription. I did the crochet thing as a child and hated it, plus most crochet is too 'see-through' for me, and not 'stretchy' enough. I knit for three men (plus 5 grandchildren) and crochet is too 'feminine' for them. As this section is specifically 'knitting' please keep it so, but to keep the crochet fans happy, why not have a separate section on crochet? [I challenge anyone to make a bomber jacket (with full knitted lining) - my current project - with crochet!]

mary bradford

I agree that there is very little for crochet lovers in womens magazines. we are totally forgotten about. our crochet group go to the USA mags for crochet patterns.

Jasinta Harkin

Your magazine has very few crochet patterns yet crochet has become very popular especially with people who have difficulty wit,h the finger movement required for knitting, there are quite a few crochet groupsnow operating locally and they are very popular and well attended.

anne sharman

have you any instrutions on how to turn a heel on socks,

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