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Treat your little ones to something special with this adorable Hello Kitty jumper knitting pattern from Woman's Weekly. Guaranteed to keep them snug all year round, we've got a free printable version of this knitting pattern for you to get working on.

This knitting pattern is suitable for intermediate knitters

Jumper knitting pattern

This round neck tunic has shaped sides and set-in sleeves. It's knitted entirely in stocking stitch with intarsia motif. The yarn is pure wool.


Click here to print the Hello Kitty jumper knitting pattern.

Need a bigger pattern?

If you're struggling to read the pattern, there are a few things you can do to make it a bit bigger.

If you're using Internet Explorer, follow these steps: Go to File > Print > Preferences > Effects. Change it to 120% of normal size. Click 'OK' and then 'Print'.

If you're using Firefox, follow these steps: Go to File > Page Setup. Uncheck the box that says 'Shrink to fit Page Width' and then change the scale to 120%. Click 'OK'. Then go to File > Print.

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Just save it and put it in a word document and enlarge the print! EASY!


I love the jumper but like the other readers i find it difficult to read the small print i would love if you would email me a larger copy. Ps i made the doll shes,gorgeous. Muriel


I too cannot read the small print on this pattern could you please send it to me in an email thank you so much. :-)

gemma richardson

yep me too, please coul,d you email me the hello kitty pattern in a size my mother could read, as the print off is not very read able. thankyou so much xx

gemma richardson

yep- me too please, could you please email me pattern as my mums eye sight is not that good. thankyou so much xxxx

nikki harrison

Can you please email this pattern as the print is too small. thanks

Karena Ellis-Greenway

Could you email the Hello Kitty pattern to me as when printed, the scrip to very small. The lady who wants it is 76 and there is no way she can read the instructions. Thanks

Kath Gould

Thanks for having this lovely pattern availble.

Deborah Hadley

I am pleased that the Hello Kitty Pattern is on the website, could you email it to me because of the small print? Alternatively perhaps a bigger version of it on the website would help every one. Thank you for the free patterns. Deborah

Anja Schwartz

I was so excited to come across this pattern as I live in the DRC and have grandaughters in C.T. South Africa and would love to knit it for them. As all the other comments above - I can't read it, the print is too small. Could you send it to me via my email address. Thank you and God bless you.


Please email the hello Kitty pattern as it prints off to small to read. Many thanks

Jackie Samways

Thanks for this pattern, I am looking for one for my Aunt to knit for her Grandaughter however, I am also having trouble getting a clear print despite several attempts.....please can you help me too! An email of the pattern would be appreciated


Please help I can't get a good print either. I would like to knit this jumper for my granddaughter


I also am having a terrible time making out the pattern, it is very blurry, and when I enlarge it, it is worse, could you please email a copy of this pattern to me also, my grand daughter is in love with this, thank-you so much. Linda

Hello, I too can't print off the Hello kitty Pattern in a size that can be read. I have seen your comments about printer settings but still can't get it. Any Ideas please. Gordon


Hi...thanks for the pattern...I'm afraid i'm having the same problem as Brenda...can you help please? Many thanks


Hi Brenda, thanks for your comment. The knitting pattern prints out to an A4 size so it should be large enough for you to read. I've tested it out several times and each time it prints on the whole A4 page. It could be that your printer settings need readjusting. If you go to options in your print menu and check the page size this may help. In the meantime i will email you a copy of the pattern. Many thanks.

brenda briggs

Printer your Hello Kitty pattern but found the printed pattern too small to be able to read. Tried to enlarge it but still came out unreadable without having to find a very large magnifying glass. Have since tried to enlarge my copy but cannot get it any bigger. I wanted to knit this pattern for my 5 yr old grandaughter who is a big Hello Kitty fan. Do you have the pattern no and maker so i can purchase it at my local wool shop or send off for it. I would be grateful.

Tracey Frankham

brought the wool let you know when i finished it ok


The links don't work or go to the pattern - what is happening?


there is a woman on a swing in the print version of the first page of the pattern. Does anyone have page one?


The links no longer go to the pattern; there is a woman on a swing, and a toy. Can the correct links please be restored?


If the print is too small, simply take your copy to anywhere that does photocopying and ask them to copy it at 200%. I always do this for cross stitch patterns as well, then I can mark of the area I've completed!


You can enlarge the pattern this way: Cover the pattern by running the mouse over from one corner. When the page turns blue, right click on the mouse and click 'copy' on the drop down menu. Open a word document Adjust the margins to narrow on page layout, Right click and click 'paste'. The pattern will appear on the document page. Click onto the corner of the pattern, drag until the pattern until it is large enough to fill the page up to the margins. Do the same with page 2. I have put this in stages rather than just say copy and paste the pattern onto a word document, as I know some people need a step by step guide. I do not mean to offend those who are computer literate.


has anyone actually completed the sweater? I'm looking at the tension and based on what is stated it would appear that the front of the sweater will be approx 15 inches across the front even for a size 2. that seems awfully big to me. can anyone clarify if the pattern is overly large? thanks


Can not wait to get started on this just one problem my daughters friends will all wont one so I guess I am going to be busy


Have just made this, don't like the bottoms they don't stay up on larger sizes

Brenda Briggs

I have knitted 2 pepper pigs but didnt have any problems .I think that you might have forgot to up 1 during the row. I have just tried it to make sure and i ended it with 31st.Wish i could show you how i did it.

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

Hi Carole4950 We've had this reply from the Woman's Weekly knitting team: The pattern for Hello Kitty sweater was first published in Oct 09 issue. It was knitted by lots of readers and none of them had a problem with the length of sleeves. The sleeves instructions consists of: 8 rows before first increase row 1st increase row plus 56 (64) (72) rows of shaping - 7 (8) (9) x 8th row 5 (3) (1) row after completing the shaping Total of 70 (76) (82) rows worked before shaping top. Divide these rows by row tension (28 rows to 10cm) to get sleeve length of 25 (27) (29) cm. There could be 2 reasons why your sleeve is too short: The instructions are not followed correctly or your row tension is wrong. We hope this helps


Hi, I'm trying to do this pattern but is it possible its missing some info because if I'm doing what is written for the sleeves its missing a lot...what to I do after what is written because now its approx. 6 inches long I really dont understand what is happening...or I'm missing something...thanks a lot to let me know whats wrong Please answer asap since I'm waiting to continue....


Hi Lucy I have just joined and I do have the pattern you want but I am just about to start making it. I was wondering if you would like a copy of this pattern? Gaynor.

Lucy Garrard

Hello, Does anyone have the Hello Kitty doll knitting pattern that was featured in Woman's Weekly, maybe last year? Hope someone can help. Thanks, Lucy


Hi, have you got the Hello Kitty doll knitting pattern. I cannot get it anywhere

Katie goodtoknow

Hi all Sorry you're having problems with the size of the pattern. We have amended the article to include some instructions on how to print it a bit bigger - here's what you do: If you're using Internet Explorer: Go to File > Print > Preferences > Effects. Change it to 120% of normal size. Click 'OK' and then 'Print'. If you're using Firefox, follow these steps: Go to File > Page Setup. Uncheck the box that says 'Shrink to fit Page Width' and then change the scale to 120%. Click 'OK'. Then go to File > Print. I hope that helps! Katie

Barbie S

Hi, is it possible to convert this to adult size ??


as prevous people have put could you please email me in a larger print i have 4 grandaughters so am looking forward to making as they are all under 7 and love hello kitty thanks


Please would it be possible to have this pattern emailed to me in a bigger print.I have just had double cataract surgery and will not be able to see my optitian for a while to get nw reading glasses.Thnak you very much


Love this pattern and will be knitting it for my grandaughter but like others on here really need it in larger print as there seems to be no way that I can alter the print size Could you please email me the pattern in 12 or 14 pt or normal pattern print size please


could you please email me this knitting pattern thank you very much cant wait to start x

B Cairns

I lokethe other readers would like the hello kitty jumper pattern inbigger print. Would it be any trouble to Email to me.I have just finished five peppa pigs and three hello kitty dolls. They made ideal Xmas gifts. Now i should like to knit the jumper. Thank you.


i have started to knit the pepper pig in last weeks issue i have made the body i have now started on the head but the pattern is not working out right it is saying to cast on 16 ss two rows then k1 (up1, k1) to end so you have 31 sts i have tried this several times and only got 24 sts the only way it would work out right if i k the first st and just up1 to the end then i would get 31sts

beverley messerich

please would it be possible to send me a larger print copy of the lovely hello kitty jumper, as i too am not able to read the small print,thank you


i was abit worried about putting the pipe cleaner in so i have put some soft stuffing in

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